Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Eating Healthy during the Holidays

Stick to your healthy eating plan. Having a battle plan always helps. So have a quick look over your eating plan the night before and include some sweets so that you don’t feel deprived and start binging. If you are following a healthy program such as Weight Watchers, you know that some sweets are allowed, but in moderation.  So choose wisely and make sure the sweets  you allow is totally WORTH IT, don’t settle for a handful of candy from the candy dish, save those extra point for something you really love!  Speaking of the candy dish, why not fill those with nuts and dried cranberries instead of candy?
If you are on a more restrictive program make sure that you have enough of your favorite protein bars or other snacks available to curb your cravings. Take care of your needs and shop for your healthy food FIRST AND FOREMOST!

Remember to eat breakfast. A healthy breakfast can go a long way, especially if you’re shopping. It will give you the necessary energy you need and also curb the craving for all the goodies you see at the mall. Also remember to throw a meal replacement, protein bar, or some soy crackers in your purse just in case your shopping takes longer than you thought it would. You should give your body a healthy fueling every two to three hours.

Spread treats throughout the season. Have one treat in your house at a time, share it with everyone and remind yourself that you can make some more in a few days, you don’t have to eat lots right this very minute.

Eat healthy meals in between the “special” sugar and fat laden meals. Don’t stop eating fruit and vegetables during the day, even if you are having some treats. This way your body will stay satisfied and you will have less cravings and thus eat less of the sweet stuff.

Avoid your addictive foods. You know which ones always end up in a binge. There are such a variety of treats out there. Be truthful with yourself in this time, you know what you can and cannot have.

Too much coffee can make you feel dehydrated and tired. Drink a lot of water or herbal teas instead. It is good for your general health, but it also takes up some space in your stomach so that you don’t want to eat all the time. A cup of peppermint tea after a high fat meal is especially helpful to prevent heartburn and bloating. Water will also flush out the excess sodium in some holiday foods. Remember to keep drinking even when you’re busy and the weather is chilli. Your body still needs the water, and depriving it from water might leave you tired and irritable.

Office parties and Holiday events can be a nightmare if you’re struggling with food addiction, so choose wisely and only attend those that will not put too much stress on you. If it’s a potluck be sure to take a healthy side and always load your plate with salad and fruit before you add some of the other items. However, don’t deprive yourself either, eat the things that look really good, but take small portions.

Curb boredom and depression. Lots of grazing around the Holidays stems from being bored or feeling depressed. Get out and get active even in cold weather. Exercise will curb a lot of those sweet cravings and is known to help with depression. You can also tackle a project you’ve wanted to do all year. Keeping your hands busy might keep them out of the cookie jar.

If all else fails, give yourself a fresh start in the New Year. No New Years resolution to diet or starve yourself. Rather opt for Christian Eating Disorder Treatment that will help you stay consistent in eating healthy and deal with the reasons you have an eating disorder. This way next Christmas will look a lot different and you will feel very different.

Author: Heleen Woest
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