Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise: Do I have to do it?


Is exercise really necessary? We’ve all seen people just stop eating or loose weight with things such as weight loss surgery and diet pills, without ever hitting the gym. So where does exercise fit into the equation of loosing weight safely?

Actually, whether you’re overweight or not, exercise is crucial!

For starters: God made us to move. Most of us have the ability to actively use our bodies in one way or another. In recent years exercise have become associated with weight loss or weight control, but that’s just one of the many benefits of regular exercise.

Here are a few more:

– Exercise helps keep depression at bay or at least lessen depression for those who need medication. Even if you are treated for depression most doctors will encourage you to also make time for exercise.

– Exercise has been known to help you sleep better at night, depending you don’t exercise too close to bed time.

– There are a lot of health benefits associated with exercise: It lowers bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and it helps prevent heart conditions to only mention a few.

– Certain exercises can help strenghten you back muscles and thus reduce the possibility of injuries to your back. If you’ve suffered from a sore back before, you know that this is a great benefit.

– Systematic exercise enhances your immune system, thus protecting your body from virusses.

– When a subject is diagnosed with type II diabetes, exercise and weight control are prescribed as measures to help with insulin resistance.

– Exercise can keep you looking and feeling younger! Exercise slows the aging process, because of increased blood flow to all the organs, as well as muscles.

– Exercise is a huge self esteem booster!

There are many more benefits to exercise…

So why don’t we do it?

Lots of people, and more so those who have food related struggles, have thrown exercise into the binge and diets cycle. When we diet, we exercise and when we binge we don’t. So it has become an enemy instead of the friend that it can be to our bodies.

In my 12 Week Online Program for women struggling with food I devout a whole week to exercise. We talk candidly about the benefits, but also the difficulty in actually getting yourself to do it. I want to tell you all about my own struggles in this area and also share with you my personal victories.

Come see how you can think outside the box when it comes to exercise and make it something to be enjoyed again, instead of something you fear and even hate.

Author: Heleen Woest
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