Reality TV Diets:Biggest loser vs Celebrity Fit Club

Reality TV Diets:

Biggest Loser vs Celebrity Fit Club

With obesity being one of the biggest problem facing Americans today, weight loss have become a hot topic in the media. Hollywood didn’t miss a beat, and shows such as Celebrity Fit Club and the Biggest Loser are some of the most popular reality shows on TV. You can now get a piece of the action, or the weight loss, by buying the diets secrets used in these shows online.

We’ve seen celebrities such as Tiffany and Carnie Wilson lose weight with The Celebrity Fit Club diet. This diet was written by Dr. Ian K. Smith, and is meant to be a change of lifestyle more than a “diet”. It consists of four phases with the first one being a detox and very restrictive phase where you can eat all the fruits and vegetables you want and then oatmeal, beans and tea. This detox phase is only for nine days. After this you can add back in lean meats, seafood, cheese, and even plain cereal. In the last stage alcohol and white starches along with sweets are added back in, obviously in small quantities.

With the Biggest Loser Diet, it’s all about counting calories. However, the fact that it is done online makes it easy seeing that everything is already calculated for you. You will be provided with meal plans, recipes and even a weekly shopping list. The Biggest loser diet also comes with strict recommendations: No high fat and high calorie foods, and lots of fruit and vegetables. So it brings you back to basics: Identify good and bad fats and control your portions.

Both the Celebrity Fit Club diet and the Biggest Loser diet place a high emphasis, and bank most of their success, on exercise. So to have real results when following these programs you will have to exercise almost every day. On the Celebrity Fit Club you will be exercising for at least 30 minutes or more five times a week. On Biggest Loser you will be doing between 30-60 minutes of exercise. That said, if you are not able to exercise or can’t keep it up for the rest of your life, these diets might not give you the results you’ve been looking for..

Please Note:
I tried to give an unbiased review of the above mentioned diets.
However, I do not endorse diets that promises “quick fixes” or diets that restrict certain food.
In fact, according to research and my own experience these diets are extremely dangerous for a person with food addiction and can even push you further into eating disorders.

I compiled an online Christian eating disorder program for women struggling with food. In one of the weeks we deal specifically with food and all the different diets out there. I give you my own experience with different diets, as well as those of the ladies I’ve encountered in support groups. Hearing personal stories and testimonies will give you a better idea of the pros and cons of some of the above reviewed diets.

Come find out how to make an educated decision and lose weight safe and permanently. Weight gain is only one of the components that needs to be addressed to permanently leave food addiction behind. In this program of 12 Weeks we deal with all the other causes of eating disorders and areas of your life that may have been affected by your eating disorder.

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