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Appetite For Freedom
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This member book includes:
11 Weeks of personal interactive study, five days a week. It can be used on its own or with the
Appetite for Freedom DVDs.
It is especially useful for discussions in small group settings or recovery style groups.

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Appetite for Freedom DVD Set

This DVD Set includes:
3 DVDs: 12 Teaching session (30 minutes each)

These teaching sessions were recorded in front of a live audience.
It is ideal for viewing in weekly small groups or recovery style groups.
The weekly teaching sessions are intended as an enhancement to the Appetite for Freedom Member Book, and the weekly content is therefore synchronized with that of the book.

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DVD Set (3 DVD Disks)
1 Member Book
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12 Week Online Program

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Professional Christian Counseling Services
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Heleen Woest, the author of Appetite for Freedom, is a qualified mental health professional
She has years of experience in food addiction and other mental health disorders
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God, will I ever be free of this Eating Disorder?

christian-womenGood question!
I’ve asked this about a million times. I wasn’t simply short on faith. I thought I had a pretty steady amount of faith. I could believe for finances and even physical healing, yet, when it came to this eating disorder, I had nothing…
My faith wasn’t destroyed in a day either. No, the deterioration came over years. I prayed, I cried, I dieted, I planned, I took diet pills, I abused my body, I nourished my body, I exercised, I tried meditation, I ate only when really hungry, I went on fasts, I cut out carbs, I tried to ignore it all, I joined support groups, and I even got counseling for all my hang-ups and brokenness. Still: Nothing…
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Weight Problems in the Church!

peopleI recently stumbled upon an article “Lard have Mercy: The Christian obesity epidemic” It was very interesting, and although the author sadly showed an obvious prejudice towards Christians, I couldn’t help but agree with some of the points being made. The author based the article on Ferraro’s most recent study, published in the June 2006 issue of the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, a follow-up to a study he published in 1998, where he found there were more obese people in states with larger populations of folks claiming a religious affiliation than elsewhere, particularly in states with the most Baptists. I grew up in a Christian home, and I love the church, but even I can not shut my eyes to the fact we have grown, to put it mildly, “bigger” over the years.
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Perfectionism links to Eating Disorders

I lived with the monster of perfectionism for a long time. I had no idea that this “thing” I felt inside of me was not part of my personality, but rather a dangerous way of living that could destroy my life. I never suspected that perfectionism was one of the key reasons that I could not shake off my eating disorder. In the world of a perfectionist “good enough” doesn’t exist. For a perfectionist, there is simply no such thing as a good enough relationship, a good enough house, a good enough weight, a good enough grade, a good enough dinner party, or good enough performance. Everything has to be perfect or a perfectionist will have none of it. Read more… Perfectionism links to Eating Disorders

Break the Power of a Binge!

How do you prevent a binge from turning into a whole day (or month) of overeating? Of course, it would be best to not binge at all. However, preventing a binge is easier said than done. If you are on a journey of finding healing for the root issues behind your eating disorder, you might not quite be at that place where you recognize the early signs of a binge (starting in the thoughts and emotions) and thus find yourself still binging from time to time.

You can easily undo all the progress you’ve made with one lousy binge! So how do you keep a binge from taking over your life?
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Eating Disorders: Why does it hurt so much?

stop-binge-eatingIf you’ve lost some weight through diets and programs before and you find yourself back in your old stretchy jeans and black T-shirt, then the pain can almost be unbearable. The shame and the inability to change can make you isolate yourself from people and sink into a deep pit of depression.
Why does this hurt so much?
There are two reasons why people experience deep emotional pain in this struggle…
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Stop Overeating and Bulimia: Take Two Crucial Steps

In my years of struggling with overeating and bulimia, I found that two things played a major role in my healing and gave me a huge shove toward victory and freedom on this difficult journey: CONSISTENCY and SURRENDER. I’ve discovered, after refusing to join the “consistent club” for the longest time, that if you can do three things consistently for one year, you WILL have a whole different life…
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Christian Eating Disorder Treatment

I am a Christian who suffered from Eating Disorders for years. I felt like such a failure. How could I, as a Christian, struggle with this? Why didn’t God hear my countless prayers and deliver me from it years ago? When I found the answers I was so desperately looking for; I wrote a loving-god
12 Week Online Course to share my testimony and years of research in this field with others. I relied greatly on the Holy Spirit’s leading and opted for material that is geared towards Scriptural Sound, Christian Based, Eating Disorder Treatment.
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Matthew 6:33 (NKJV)

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

DISCLAIMER: The information pertaining to women struggling with food on this website is for guidance only. It is not to be treated as a substitute for professional eating disorder treatment by a physician or counselor.