Bored? Spice up Your Exercise

Bored with Exercise? Spice up your workout!


Are you stuck in a rut with your gym workout? Same 30 minutes on the treadmill every day? Do you dread getting on your stationary bike in the garage, staring at the wall, going nowhere?

Let me give you a few tips to spice it up and motivate you to get on that bike and get that body moving. You won’t be sorry, exercise is always good for you. Sometimes we just need a change of plan or scenery.

Get some grooves on. Invest in an ipod to listen to your favorite tunes while you exercise. You won’t regret it. Music will lift your spirits and the beat will put some bounce in your step, making the exercise much more enjoyable. You will immediately feel how your energy level picks up, plus you don’t have to listen to music at the gym that you don’t like.

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Okay, so I won’t recommend ironing a shirt while exercising, but you can listen to some books on CD and master that second language, or just listen to your favorite novel on CD. There are many books that you can now download to your ipod or iphone.

Speaking of books: I’ve read many books and magazines on the treadmill. It’s especially fun if you leave one book or magazine to ONLY read at the gym or on your treadmill at home. This way you have something to look forward to.

Think about how much time we waste watching television. If this is a habit that you need to work on, then change it into a good one. Put your stationary bike in front of the television and bike away while watching your favorite shows. Granted, it’s not going to do much for your decorating, but it’s worth having a healthy and toned body.

It can be an excellent time to pray. Write some Scripture on note cards, and use these to pray out loud at home or silently at the gym. You can also keep a prayer journal on hand and write down all the things that you worry about or that come up during the day that you need to pray about. This is a good way to not worry about things, knowing you have written it down and you will pray about it later when you exercise takes some of the burden off your shoulders.

Why not catch up on some phone calls while walking briskly on the treadmill? A gym instructor just recently told me that talking while walking is a great way to upgrade your workout. A headset might be a good idea so that you still have your hands free.

Use exercise time to make shopping lists, brainstorm about a project, or write a draft for a letter or a story. It’s a good idea to have a pen an paper close to your exercise machine, just in case you have a great idea to pen down.

The possibilities are endless. If you start to think about ways to spice up your exercise, you will be surprised with the things you come up with. Think outside the box, exercise can be something to look forward to every day!

Author: Heleen Woest
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