Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem

Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem

Kirstie Ally has managed to put Jenny Craig on the map with her amazing weight loss success and striking commercial.

However, this weight loss program has been around for quite some time, and for good reason too. For starters: It simple to follow and a huge time saver. Nobody has time to slave over meals anymore and for years the only alternative was the fast food lane. This is why the “meals to go” diet plans such as Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem have become so popular.

So how do these two programs compare?

Jenny Craig ask you how much you need to loose and then give you a few options. They push you to start out 100% on their prepared meals to take the guess work out of any counting or portions sizes until you can learn what to look for and slowly transition to preparing your own foods and they will help you each step of the way. You will still pick your meals, but they will all come pre made. These pre-made meals are one of the great benefits.

With Nutrisystem you have to provide the fruits, vegetables and milk, but they keep you on their pre made meals for the entire time you do their program. So when you have to start making your own food again, for whatever reason, you have to basically figure it out yourself.

Both of these programs offer online counseling. At Jenny Craig you can also meet with a counselor or coach to help you.

As far as the need for exercise to loose weight is concerned:
Both programs acknowledge the need for exercise. When you join Nutrisystem you receive a walking DVD with you signup package. Jenny Craig actually helps you design a exercise program that fits you.

The quality of the food is obviously also a huge factor, and although most people are happy with the quality, Jenny Craig seems to take the lead in this department.

So which one is the better of the two?

It is really a personal choice, because it depends on you personality and needs. If you want to lose weight independently and just need the benefit to have meals prepared for you, then Nutrisystem would be a good choice.

On the other hand, you might want to go with Jenny Craig if you have a busy lifestyle with no time to prepare healthy meals, and need plenty of support and guidance to lose weight.

Something to keep in mind: The cost. This is obviously not a very realistic way to change the eating habits of a whole family.

Please Note: I tried to give an unbiased review of the above mentioned diets.
However, I do not endorse diets that promises “quick fixes” or diets that restrict certain food.
In fact, according to research and my own experience these diets are extremely dangerous for a person with
food addiction and can even push you further into eating disorders.


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