Obese Parents

What role does parents play in their children’s food struggles?

Did I pass Overeating on to my child? Is it genetic? Is it my fault?

I know about the worry and guilt when you struggle with food yourself, and now your child has a problem too. You don’t have to worry anymore, there is a way to help you and your child.

If you are a Mom who suffers from an eating disorder then you already know about the fear of giving “this thing” to your children.

I have written a 12 Week online course that is partly based on my own experiences and fears, including passing EATING DISORDERS on to my children. I know about the anxiety when you see similar things in your child as well as the unbearable load of guilt that comes with it. One of the reasons I wrote this course was to help other women break free from and Eating Disorder and more importantly, give them some tools, methods and knowledge that they can pass on to their children.

Your children may already be dealing with some of the same issues as you, because of the same reasons as you: Genetics, learned behavior, influence of the media, hurtful experiences, and demonic oppression. I discuss all of these areas and more in my Online course.

Let me ask you this:
If you have found ways to walk in victory in the midst of all of life’s difficulties, and could hand your kids those same tools, wouldn’t that mean so much more to them than having a Mom who claims to be perfect, and who has no clue of what they’re dealing with or how to help them?

Research shows that children learn primarily by what we model and not so much by what we say. Hence the expressions: “Teach by example” or “Practice what you preach”. So what your mom modeled through her eating habits, physical activity, dieting behaviors and body image influenced you more than you would ever know.

The shocking part is that these influences start at a very early age. Just as a little girl likes to put on Mommy’s shoes and jewelry, she “fits” on Mom’s way of eating and talking about herself.

The child who sees her mom eat and watch TV all the time are at risk, but the one who sees her mom obsess about calories and skipping meals, are also in grave danger of developing an eating disorder.

We sometimes make the mistake, I know I did, of thinking that our children don’t see, because they don’t say anything. Yet one day you might find them act just like you, because they did see, and they internalized this as the correct way to behave towards food and their bodies.

Girls are usually more sensitive than boys, and for this reason they are especially at risk when they hear their moms talk about their own bodies in demeanor ways. They can easily project their mother’s words on their own bodies: If she think she’s fat and ugly then I must be fat and ugly too.

Girls also tend to pick up on non verbal cues, such as: Not taking care of our bodies and ignoring it’s needs for good food, exercise, rest and restoration in God’s presence. If they see you work from dawn till dusk, never resting, never praying and hardly eating, they will find it extremely hard to take care of their own bodies.


If you look at the above mentioned facts then there is no greater gift you can give your children than to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and thus TEACH BY EXAMPLE.  Find freedom and healing from eating disorders for yourself FIRST.

I am a Woman, Wife, and Mom just like you, and I’m still amazed and filled with wonder that God actually set me free from Eating Disorders. I have four kids and it is such a relief to not have the fear and guilt grip my heart every time I see one of them eat too much or too little. I know today that I am setting a good example, and I can help them if they ever have to walk this difficult road themselves.

In this Online Course I’ve been totally honest about my painful and lonely struggle with food, as well as the journey that lead me to freedom. I want to help you find answers that actually make sense.
I also want to help you find a road map out of this nightmare! For you, but also for your children.

Come one, let the bug stop with you. You can be the one who tip the scales for the generations that come after you.





You can get help for yourself or a loved one through my 12 Week Online Study Course. I’ve compiled this course from my own experience with food struggles, insight and understanding I’ve gained through counseling ladies in my support groups, Biblical principals, as well as material I’ve gathered by well-known Christian authors, counselors, and doctors. This study is jam-packed with information, practical guide lines and honest testimonies.


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