Bulimia is a pattern of powerful, and often secret, binge eating (quickly eating large amounts of high-calorie, sugary, fatty foods). The eating binge usually is followed by purging (removing the food eaten during the binge by using laxatives, diuretics, self-induced vomiting, compulsive exercise, or starvation). The person suffering from bulimia is usually overly concerned with food, body weight and shape.

This behavior is many times used by people suffering from Anorexia as well.

Bulimia Symptoms

Someone with bulimia may have these signs:

1. May be underweight, overweight, or have a normal weight.

2. Intense fear of gaining weight thus thinking about food, body shape and weight all the time

3. Binge: Frequent episodes of eating unusually large amounts of food normally in secret

4. Purge almost immediately after binge: Make themselves vomit or use laxatives, diuretics (water pills), fasting and/or excessive exercise to get rid of the food in their bodies.

5. Depression due to guilt and shame over the behavior and malnutrition

6. Goes to the bathroom all the time after eating (to throw up)

7. Exercise excessively

8. Swelling of the cheeks or jaw area

9. Cuts and calluses on the back of the hands and knuckles due to inducing vomiting

10. Tend to isolate herself

11. Religious about “good and bad” foods


You don’t have to keep suffering from these problems. There is hope for you to Break Free from the vicious cycle of Eating Disorders forever. You can regain your health, enjoy life, and eat in a normal healthy way.

Please get in contact with a physician and Christian/Biblical counselor as soon as possible, especially if this eating disorder has been going on for a while. Your health might be in serious danger!

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