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This service is not appropriate for you if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, suffer from a severe mental illness, are in crisis or are under 18 years of age. This service is not a replacement for treatment by a physician or counselor but rather serves as an enhancement to professional treatment.

Please dial 911 or one of the numbers below if you have suicidal thoughts or are in immediate need of medical assistance

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NANC – List of Christian Counselors in your Area

The National Association of Nouthetic Counselors is a fellowship of Christian pastors and laymen who have banded together to promote excellence in biblical counseling. NANC was founded in 1975 in service to Christ to address several needs in the biblical counseling community.

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I would strongly recommend that you see a physician if you are suffering from an eating disorder. The importance of being under the care of a physician will be discussed in greater detail in the 12 Week Online study.

I am aware of the need for some ladies to get help in dealing with difficult issues that surface during the 12-week online study. Please look at some options  below:

  • I would strongly recommend counseling if you have gone through a particular week of my program and you feel that you are unable to apply any of the material to your life
  • It would also be a good idea to get another person or a counselor’s point of view if some of the material leaves you overwhelmed or anxious
  • I found that most women just need to talk to a friend or their husband to make sense out of their emotions, but for others, the layers of pain go much deeper and it can not easily be resolved without counseling

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, I would recommend that you find a good counselor in your area, preferably someone who has some experience in the area of eating disorders. You can also make use of my professional counseling services, Life Solutions Counseling, but I can obviously only help certain women that live in my state and some countries. Ask your pastor for references to counselors in your area, or search online for someone who specializes in eating disorders. 




You can get help for yourself or a loved one through my 12 Week Online Study Course. I compiled this course from my own experience with this struggle, research done in my support groups for women, Biblical principals, and material by well-known Christian authors, counselors, and doctors. This study is jam-packed with information, practical guidelines and honest testimonies.


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