Exercise For You!

Maybe you think that you will never be able to exercise and that this will always be an obstacle in your struggle with food. I felt the same way, but God helped me to find the exercise that is right for me. This is a crucial part of your healing, don’t let the enemy keep you from it. Read the articles below to encourage you on your journey to health and fitness.

Hate to Exercise?
Today as I was pulling out of the gym’s parking lot, I had this thought: I would probably never like exercise, let alone love it! Hey I’m not being negative, this is my reality. To get myself to exercise is still a huge challenge. Read more…

Benefits of Exercise
Is exercise really necessary? We’ve all seen people just stop eating or loose weight with things such as weight loss surgery and diet pills, without ever hitting the gym. So where does exercise fit into the equation of loosing weight safely?

Finding the Right Exercise for You
It’s not so easy to find the right exercise that will fit your lifestyle and physical handicaps. Come find ideas of how to think outside the “gym-fits-all-box”

From Couch Potato to Runner
Once a coach potato always a couch potato, right? Wrong! Many people have actually traded their sedentary lifestyle for a more active way of living. Come read more about how you can get moving

Bored? Spice up your Exercise!
Are you stuck in a rut with your gym workout? Same 30 minutes on the treadmill every day?
Let me give you a few tips to spice it up and motivate you to get on that bike and get that body moving. You won’t be sorry, exercise is always good for you, but sometimes we need a change of plan or scenery.

Joining a Gym: Pros and Cons
Most people think about joining a gym at one point or another. Gyms came with the times we live in. In my grandparents’ time, this was unheard of. They would get plenty of exercise by doing farm chores, riding horses and walking long distances to get to work.

What about a Tramopoline?
When your kids reach a certain age, they are bound to start bugging you for a trampoline and of course you may, or may not think it’s a good idea. I was not so sure, but nothing could prepare me for the exhillirating feeling of jumping on a trampoline as an adult. I felt light as a feather, and ten, maybe even twenty years younger. Read more about this controvertial subject…

Make an Exercise Commitment!
When it comes to changing important habits in our lives, we have to commit to God and to ourselves or it will never stick. Are you ready to make such an Exercise Commitment?

Exercise and Pregnancy
All the regular benefits of exercise applies to you when you are pregnant: It keeps you healthy, keeps your heart strong, improves your mood and helps you sleep better to name a few. However, when you are pregnant there are added benefits to consider: Exercise can reduce some of that pregnancy aches and pains and it will strengthen your muscles and endurance, which would be extremely beneficial to you during child birth.

Weight Training is for Women too!
My pose of treadmill walkers looked at me funny. The men with the big arms looked at me with suspicion, but the few strong ladies around gave me “the nod”. You know which one I’m talking about, the one that says: “You go girl!”

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