Anorexia is an addiction to dieting or self starvation. This is an extremely dangerous condition in which people can literally starve themselves to death. This disorder is driven by a overpowering fear of weight gain and a distorted body image. This condition are many times used to gain some “control” in a chaotic life.

People who suffer from this condition are often characterized as perfectionists who love to please others and are overly critical of themselves.

Anorexia Symptoms

Someone with Anorexia may have these signs:

  1. Develops unusual and extremely disturbed eating habits such as moving food around the plate, weighing everything, counting calories and skipping meals.
  2. A relentless pursuit of thinness and unwillingness to maintain a normal or healthy weight, thus loses a lot of weight.
  3.  Eating, food and weight control become obsessions: Talks about weight and food all the time
  4. A person with anorexia typically weighs herself or himself repeatedly
  5. Some people with anorexia lose weight by dieting and exercising excessively; others lose weight by self-induced vomiting, or misusing laxatives, diuretics or enemas.
  6. Many people with anorexia have a distorted body image and intense fear of gaining weight, they see themselves as overweight, even when they are starved.
  7. Very depressed and moody
  8. Gets sick quite frequently
  9. Avoid eating in front of others

Anorexia Dangers

The physiological state of anorexia creates a great strain on the heart and cardiovascular system. Symptoms include slow heart rate, an electrolyte imbalance, muscle weakness, and a breakdown of the immune system resulting finally in death.

Anorexia can also lead to other disorders such as stunted growth, shrunken bones, mineral loss, kidney damage, liver damage, destruction of teeth, disruption of menstrual cycle, infertility, and a host of other damaging symptoms.

You don’t have to keep suffering from these problems. There is hope for you to Break Free from the vicious cycle of Eating Disorders forever. You can regain your health, enjoy life, and eat in a normal healthy way.

Please get in contact with a physician and Christian/Biblical counselor as soon as possible, especially if this eating disorder has been going on for a while. Your health might be in serious danger!

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