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Appetite for Freedom:  Video-Driven Bible Study

Currently, 68.8% of Americans are overweight and obese, and countless others struggle with eating disorders. This statistic includes Christian families who are looking to the church for answers.

Heleen Woest is a Christian author and speaker on the topic of food-related struggles. She created this video-driven Bible study for Christian women to give them tools in hand to take back the health of their families, and as a result, affect this generation. This study is based on Biblical principals and material by well known Christian authors, doctors, and counselors.


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Member Book Sample: Week 1  (PDF)


Appetite for Freedom fulfilled all criteria for passing an extensive THEOLOGICAL REVIEW at Crossbooks Publishers, a division of Lifeway.


Appetite for Freedom Leader Kit for Small Groups


Do you need a speaker on the topic of food-related struggles for your next women’s event? 

Heleen would love to be part of your women’s event. 

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