The Six Week Body Makeover

The Six Week Body Makeover

Michael Thurmond claims that his Six Week Body Makeover diet can help you lose up to thirty pounds in six week.

He base his claim on the theory that every body is different and that you have to follow a certain diet for you specific body type. Another diet that are along the same lines is the Eat Right for you Body diet. Overall the Six Week Body Makeover asks more questions and is more restrictive.

You kick off this diet by filling out some questions to find out in which body category you fall. Once you’ve establish what your body-type is, you will receive information about what types of food will work best for your body and how you should combine those to get maximum results. The whole idea is to reprogram your body’s metabolism in six weeks. After this you are supposed to move into a living lean program.

Now although the Six Week Body Makeover doesn’t give itself out to be a low carb diet, you end up avoiding bad carbs for your body type. For instance, bread is only allowed for certain body types and it can only be whole grain.

This diet recommends that you eat six small meals instead of three big ones during the day. Studies have actually shown that it is better for you health to eat six small meals a day. Some diets, such as The Three Hour Diet, are based on this principal.

The Six Week Body Makeover bans all sugar, salt and for most of the body types also dairy products. It is pretty restrictive in nature seeing that you are supposed to stick to the restrictions for you body type. There is also a lot of food preparation and cooking involved in this diet, which makes it difficult to follow for most of us with a busy lifestyle.

Please Note: I tried to give an unbiased review of the above mentioned diets.
However, I do not endorse diets that promises “quick fixes” or diets that restrict certain food.
In fact, according to research and my own experience these diets are extremely dangerous for a person with
food addiction and can even push you further into eating disorders.

I compiled an online Christian eating disorder program for women struggling with food. In one of the weeks we deal specifically with food and all the different diets out there. I give you my own experience with different diets, as well as those of the ladies I’ve encountered in support groups. Hearing personal stories and testimonies will give you a better idea of the pros and cons of some of the above reviewed diets.
Come find out how to make an educated decision and lose weight safe and permanently. Weight gain is only one of the components that needs to be addressed to permanently leave food addiction behind. In this program of 12 Weeks we deal with all the other causes of eating disorders and areas of your life that may have been affected by your eating disorder.

I offer the first Week of this program free so that you can get an idea of what to expect.




You can get help for yourself or a loved one through my 12 Week Online Study Course. I’ve compiled this course from my own experience with food struggles, insight and understanding I’ve gained through counseling ladies in my support groups, Biblical principals, as well as material I’ve gathered by well-known Christian authors, counselors, and doctors. This study is jam-packed with information, practical guide lines and honest testimonies.


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