The Sonoma Diet vs The Mediterranean Diet

The Sonoma Diet vs The Mediterranean Diet

Two Diets have lately captured people attention. Why? You don’t have to count calories or give up carbs! This is good news for those who have been on Atkins the last decade and can not stand the carb restrictions any longer.

We’re talking about the Sonoma and the Mediterranean Diet. Now a lot of people get the two confused or think that they’re basically the same thing. So let’s have a look at a few differences:

The Sonoma diet actually looks a little like the low carb diets. It has an initial phase, called Waves in this instance, that restricts all sugar and fruit to help you kick your sugar habit or addiction. The Mediterranean Diet doesn’t have this initial stage but goes right into portion control, calorie control and the theory that all food should be enjoyed but in moderation.

Now although the initial phase on the Sonoma Diet might help you get rid of your sugar addiction and bring on rapid weight loss, the danger of restrictions always applies. If a diet is too restrictive, it makes it hard to follow and people tend to fail, binge, and pick up more weight instead of losing it slowly.

The Mediterranean diet seems to be the most sound of the two seeing that it doesn’t promote any form of deprivation during the whole diet. However, it recommends a greater volume of plants than meat products. After it’s initial phase the Sonoma diet follows suit and also tends to focus on enjoying all food, but in moderation. In fact they get specific with plate sizes for portion control.

Both diets consist of recipes to follow and make. People have said that the Sonoma diet has time consuming recipes that require hard finding, expensive ingredients while Mediterranean has affordable ingredients and offers tips on how to shorten cooking time.

The only thing that can be discouraging to some in following the Mediterranean diet is the slow and steady weight loss instead of the fast results with something as drastic and restrictive as the first Wave of the Sonoma diet. That said, research has shown that people who lose slow and steady tend to keep the weight off much longer, and it is healthier too. The down side, it can be discouraging.

Please Note: I tried to give an unbiased review of the above mentioned diets.
However, I do not endorse diets that promises “quick fixes” or diets that restrict certain food.
In fact, according to research and my own experience these diets are extremely dangerous for a person with
food addiction and can even push you further into eating disorders.

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