Can people really overcome Food Addiction?

Can people really overcome Food Addiction?

By Heleen Woest

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If you ask the famous or rather infamous Dr House if people can overcome food addiction, you will probably get a cynical snort. He strongly believes that people never really change their ways.

Okay, guilty as charged, I don’t know why I still watch the show, but it intrigues me, probably because I beg to differ with everything he says. While we’re talking television, I also get a glimpse every now and then of Oprah at the gym. Not that I’m her biggest fan (no offense if you are), but I do admire the fact that she, and others such as Dr Phil, constantly advocates change. They believe that the human mind is very resilient and can indeed change if one takes the necessary steps.

My opinion: Change is hard. We don’t change in a day, a week or even a month. Some things are deep seated. If you suffer from any kind of addiction, including food addiction, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Not only do we have our ancient habits to deal with, but we’re also up against our personal hang-ups. Don’t let the casual word fool you either, those hang-ups can be devastating blows that we took to our psyche, such as abuse, neglect and molestation to name a few.

So if you were to come into the game of life with all these handicaps and you were to stand next to somebody that went through life pretty easy, and you now both need to change, you are already in trouble. This provides fertile ground for the argument “life is not fair” to take root and bear fruit along the lines of “I’m not even going to try”

Please don’t see me as just another Dr House. No, I have had my share of change but also no-change to not be too cynical, neither too enthusiastic about change. I do believe however that we need a force far greater than ourselves to help us change and make it stick. Yes, of course I’m referring to God, the maker of Heaven and Earth. Without the Father healing your wounds and wiping your tears, Jesus interceding for you every time you fall, and the Holy Spirit counseling and helping you every step of the way, you are at best left up to your own will power.

So do I say that it is impossible for people to change without God?
I wouldn’t go that far, because some of us have been given (also by God) a great supply of willpower. Here’s the catch though, even those with huge amounts of will power do not seem to possess it in all areas of their lives. There are always this one area that keeps getting the better of you, always this one place where you can not help but fail. Another thing about will power, it will fly out the window the moment crisis hits. Great men have fallen prey to addiction under the pressing arm of death, divorce, chronic illness and financial ruin. In that moment where our human psyche is frail, there exists no reason…

Now, the million dollar question: Do I just have to be a good Christian and all will change? Nope, I’m afraid not. God alone knows why some weaknesses and addictions are allowed into our lives. Sometimes all it takes is giving your life to Him. If you already know Him it might just take one prayer. I kid thee not, there were times in my life that it took only ONE single prayer. I remember distinctly how a certain weakness in me was harming my marriage. I have tried my best to “be better” and “get it together” in the past, but to no avail. Then one day while crying my heart out about this particular problem, I starting praying earnestly, holding nothing back: ”Please Lord just take this thing from me, this is not too big for you!” Believe it or not: It was gone, never to return again. It has been more than 10 years and not a sign of it!
I had other experiences like this, and every time I am in such awe of the amazing God I serve.

Then, of course, there are just as many times, if not more, where I received no answer, no change. I would beg God, I would rebuke the enemy, I would try my best to do it myself and yet…nothing. Some things only change with time, and then I’m not even sure if some will ever change. However, as you keep strolling through this life, you start to get it: God wants you to be free, but in His time. Why? Not because He has any kind of an ego problem. No, because He knows you, He knows what you need to keep you close to Him (the most important thing in life) and He knows the future (no arguing with that!)

So to sum it all up: Change is possible! Very possible with God! The Bible says that all things are possible with God. So reach for the sky. Ask for immediate release from your food addiction, believe for it, keep praying. Then, if the change doesn’t come in the wink of an eye, dig deeper. Don’t lose hope. Only those who dig past the dirt and garbage finds the jewels. You can find it too…

I have written a 12 Week Program for Women who struggle to overcome Food Addiction. You are not alone in this. You can hear my candid story of falling and getting up, finding instant break through as well as those who took time and shaped my life in an amazing way. Don’t try and do it with will power alone, it’s not the best way, it’s not likely to bring you to that day where freedom, joy and peace flows into your life. Come find a better way…


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