Women Struggling with Food

12 Week Online Program

What do you receive when you purchase this program?

1. Access to a Private Members Area

  • Life time access to an ever-evolving and growing member area, with members joining daily from around the globe
  • 250 pages of written material that includes information and guidelines pertaining to eating disorders and other food struggles. The information and guidelines in this program are based on the Bible and material by well-known Christian authors, counselors, and doctors (This is the Appetite for Freedom book in .PDF format)
  • 60+ pre-recorded support videos. You will have at least one video to watch per day throughout the 12 weeks for daily encouragement and support. It consists of the following:
    • My honest testimony of years in captivity as well as my journey to freedom
    • Biblical truth and principals which changed me and brought freedom to my life
    • Insight and understanding I acquired through observing and talking to many ladies in my support groups over the years
    • Methods and plans I found to be either helpful or dangerous
    • The information I’ve gathered through extensive research and study in the field of food-related struggles
  • Step-by-step guidelines to help you apply the material to your life. I wanted to go beyond mere information, but give you some practical things to do to make it real and make sure you experience real change.

 2. Bonuses

  • Heleen’s 40-day Journal
    When you become a member I will give you access to my personal 40-day journal. This is an unedited journal that I kept while going through a period of breaking free from an eating disorder. I left all the raw emotions, failures, victories and difficult issues in there so that you can relate and realize that you are not alone in this struggle and you too can be victorious.
  • Tools
    Menus and menu templates to download
    Memory verses for your personal note cards
    Information for your spouse to better understand your struggle


Week 1: Taking the First Steps

Do I really have a problem? Find out everything you need to know surrounding food struggles, such as eating disorders and food addiction. This includes a self-evaluation test and a detailed introduction to the 12 Week Program. This week also addresses one of the root problems of food struggles and confirms that there is indeed hope and healing for a person who struggles with food.

Week 2: Surrendering to God

Does God even care about my food struggle?
This week helps you dig through the debris of years of food struggles to find the dreams and desires God placed in your heart, and learn how to surrender it all to God. Pursuing those dreams will help you move out of this place of despair for good. Find the answer to: Do you believe that God can and wants to free you? Why didn’t He do it yet? Is intimacy with God only a myth, and if not, how does one get to that place?

Week 3: Physical Ramifications

Is Food Addiction for real? In this week we discuss the different opinions and research on the controversial subject of whether food can be an addictive substance. We also discuss which food is considered addictive and how it is can be treated, seeing that we can not abstain from eating. This is a very informative week that will leave you hopeful and armed with knowledge about your situation.

Week 4: Finding a Food Plan

Is this a diet? Week 4 explores different diets and eating plans out there. The author discusses her own experience as well as that of other ladies who followed some of these programs. It also points to dangerous methods of weight loss and give you clear guidelines to get out of these potentially lethal ways of eating and onto a healthy lifestyle.

Week 5: Exercise – A Sacrifice of Praise

What can I do if I simply hate exercise? Week 5 deals with the importance of exercise in your struggle to break free from eating disorders and food addiction. It gives you valuable tips, ideas, and guidelines of how to incorporate exercise into your life. It also focuses in on the crucial element of consistency. Come find out how to become consistent in taking good care of your body.

Week 6: A Godly Self-Image

Why do I feel so bad about myself? Week 6 deals with your self-image. Most ladies with food struggles have a distorted image of themselves and live lives of shame and guilt. In this week we will address where these lies are seated and what can be done. We will also look at how the lies of the media feed our insecurity and discover what the self-image of a child of God should look like, according to Scripture.

Week 7: Victory Over Temptation

I pray, I try, but I just can’t say NO! If you feel trapped by the enemy every time you face temptation then you will greatly benefit from Week 7. The author talks candidly about temptation and what lays at the root of it. Every child of God can overcome temptation, but the enemy shuts our eyes to this truth. This week will show you how to walk in victory, as the Bible speaks of, in the midst of very real temptation.

Week 8: The Illusion of Perfection

I don’t think I’m a perfectionist, am I? Week 8 talks honestly about the search for perfection. There is a definite link between food struggles and perfectionism. Come learn about the difference between reaching for holiness, as the Bible commands, and striving for perfection. This week also has practical steps to help you move away from the painful and never-ending search for perfection.

Week 9: Healthy Relationships

Can’t I just live on an Island? Week 9 deals with your current relationships. People pleasing and weak boundaries can keep you in a place of frustration and pain. Learn how to be a servant to others without becoming a doormat. Also, learn how to say NO and be truthful to yourself and others about your personal needs. Walking in God’s truth will set you free!

Week 10: Forgiveness and Healing

I don’t want to dig in my past! Week 10 deals with the deep-seated issues and pain from our past that keep us in a place of bondage. This week focus on your relationship with your parents or caregivers. It will give you tools to look back in order to forgive and find healing, without playing the blame-game. It will also teach you how to turn to God as your everlasting Father and allow Him to fill the void in your heart.

Week 11: Completing the Race

What if I’m not free after 12 Weeks? Week 11 deals with the important issue of staying out of bondage. It answers crucial questions such as: How do I get up when I fall? How do I keep from falling? How does one become consistent at doing the right things? How long will it take before I’m totally free? Do people really overcome food struggles for good?

Week 12: Bonus Material

This is one of the great advantages of the online program! In this bonus week, you will find 40 Days of Surrender. Heleen explains in a video what this entails, and you can even join in once a year on the forum (usually in January) to do your 40 Days of Surrender with other ladies around the globe. You will also find bonus material and videos from the original online program on there, as well as an evaluation form that you can fill out after completing the program. This evaluation form and your questions will be sent on to Heleen for input and counsel surrounding your specific situation.

Heleen’s Freedom story

I know how it feels to not want to get out of bed in the morning. I know the feeling of guilt and shame that follows you around. I know about the negative thoughts racing through your mind all day long. I know the feeling of: “Everything in my life is always out of control”. I especially know about promising yourself to do better every morning, and then, the bitter taste of failure every night when you realize once again: “I can NOT do this!”

I honestly know about the shame and isolation of this struggle. I too have gone online countless nights in search of answers. I know about the futile attempts to fix this with willpower, diets, questionable programs, and dangerous methods. I too have begged God to just take this thing from me.

I have suffered from eating disorders for a long time.
At one point I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I hated all the false promises, my health was deteriorating rapidly, and I simply had to find some truth. So I read everything I could lay my hands on and took every course I could find out there. I also followed almost every diet on the planet. Some things helped me for a while and others just made matters worse. In the end, I found that dealing with certain issues and putting certain things in place caused the death grip that eating disorders had on me to loosen.
I saw myself moving away from it and I could breathe again. Huge breakthroughs came when I finally found the courage to break my “code of silence”. I told others about my struggle and asked for support and prayer. It was a difficult journey of falling and getting up. Sometimes I didn’t want to get up, but God helped me and I made it.

Good things came out of those years of trials and research:
I gathered enough information that I could actually throw out all the useless stuff and hang on to the good things that really helped. I wrote a 12 Week program that covers all of the essential components that is needed to get out of eating disorders or food addiction and started support groups for women who struggle with this issue.

Read my story

Please click on the image below to download my free ebook if you first want to read my testimony


Try it out first: FREE TRIAL WEEK

Are you exhausted of an endless battle with Eating Disorders? Are you even skeptical about this website right now?
I don’t blame you… I understand your skepticism, especially if you’ve been looking for answers, in every possible and impossible place, for as long as I did. That’s why I want you to try out this program before buying anything. You can take a look at Week 1 for free. It contains a complete overview of the program as well as the material for the first week, an introduction video, and five support videos. This will give you a good idea of what the rest of the program looks like, and what you can expect.


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Discounts and Scholarships

Please be on the look out for discounts and special offers through out the year on the above prices.

If you are unable to pay the full price due to financial hardship or location (a country with a low exchange rate, etc.) then please email us and tell us about your situation. Let us know what you are able to pay, and we will send your request on to our scholarship department for evaluation.
We want women to be free!

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I am so sure that you will benefit from this online study that I will let you try it RISK FREE.

I used the steps and principles in this 12 Week Course to break free and STAY FREE from bulimia for many years now. I have also seen many ladies in my support groups break free from their eating disorders in a similar fashion. So when the opportunity came around to share this course with even more ladies online, I was thrilled, because I know that it’s based on the truth of the Bible and the truth will set women free!

Remember: My main objective here is for you to benefit from this course. So you are free to return your access to the membership website and get your money back within 30 days if you feel that you can truly not benefit from it.

I only ask that you will give yourself some time to internalize the material and more importantly, open your heart to God to bring some change before you decide.

DISCLAIMER: The information pertaining to women struggling with food on this website is for guidance only. It is not to be treated as a substitute for professional eating disorder treatment by a physician or counselor.

19 thoughts on “12 Week Online Program”

  1. dear Heleen, thank you for all that is here for us thru your faithfulness to God. I am considering joining the online program and of course want to take advantage of the discounted price of $77 but am wondering if I do that, will I get the older version or the upgraded one when it becomes available. Thank you for your response and God bless you! Jane

    • Hi Jane
      Thank you for your interest in the online program! The updated program will be available to all members, so if you join now you will get access to the members area and you will see the program being updated week by week. It is updated now all the way to Week 7. We are having the discounted price until December 10th, because that will be the last day of the members area being “under construction”, after that all of the weeks will be updated. So in a nutshell, you will get access to the updated version if you join now:)

  2. Hi Heleen!

    I have been taken advantage to your free webinars and have found them very helpful. I am strongly considering the 12 week online program but have one question before moving forward. Would I be required to complete the program in 12 weeks or is there some flexibility? For example, what if I desired to review a week. In spending 2 weeks on week 11 would I miss out on week 12 because my “subscription” has run out? In other words, how long with I have access to all the information in the 12 week program? Do I have 12 weeks, a year, two years?


    • Hi Kylee
      Thank you for your interest in my online program. It is actually designed for total flexibility, so that busy women can do it in their own home , at their own pace. When you start the program I send out 12 weekly emails to guide you through the weeks, and we sometimes go through it together as a group for 12 weeks. However, this is simply to help motivate ladies. In the end, the idea of the online program is that you complete it totally at your own pace, and come back to it as often as you like (to repeat certain weeks or all of it. You purchase a lifetime access to the program, which includes all future updates and changes.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions for me Kylee

  3. Hello Heleen! I joined November 24th but so far have not started my videos. I do have my workbook but have had some medical problems with the dr changing my darn meds around. Now I am ready to start! I don’t believe I have been receiving weekly emails from you for each week and there is mention of templates & 205 pages of written material. Has my not starting yet screwed me up? I don’t want to lose 12 weeks – I so need this and am excited about starting it. I guess I am just lost now as to what I do – where to start. Please forgive me if these are ignorant questions, sometimes no sleep & the medications make my head too foggy. Thank you so much! oh, and is this a lifetime membership that I can always come back to or only set for a certain amout of time? Thank you again, Debbie

    • Hi Debbie
      Don’t worry you did not miss anything. This online program is designed for you to do it totally at your own pace, and also to come back to it anytime you like Debbie. You are a lifetime member. So you want to look in your email for your username and password that you’ve created and that was emailed to you. Then log into the members area (top right hand tab on the website) and you will see all 12 weeks there for you to read through and watch all 60 videos as well (one video per day).

      When you registered for the 12 week program I sent out an email to you to confirm that you want to receive the weekly emails from me. Please look for this email and click on the link to start receiving your emails. Also look to see if it didn’t maybe land up in your spam folder. If you can’t find it I will be happy to send you out a verification email again Debbie, just let me know.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions for me.

    • Hi Rosanna
      Unfortunately that price is no longer available, seeing that the program has already been wholly upgraded. However, it is on a discounted price right now. Click here for more information
      Also, if you are having financial hardship you can email me via the contact form here on our website and your request will be sent on to our scholarship department for consideration.

  4. Hi, I am a college student and having an overwhelming amount of trouble with binge eating. It has put a vast distance between me and God. I find this program really interesting but I have a lot of doubts. Though the doubts aren’t against this program. I am just worried that I would spend money on it but not be able to follow through. What are your opinions on my situation?

    • Hi Jenna
      Thank you for your interest in my program. I’m so sorry to hear about your struggle with food, this is truly a devastating disorder that affects all of our lives. However, there is help and healing for you in Jesus and I would like to help you in anyway I can.

      I totally understand your doubts, especially if you’ve tried a lot of other things before. So I will recommend that you download my FREE EBOOK “God will I ever be free” and also register for the FREE WEEK 1 to give you new hope and restore your faith that God can and wants to heal you. There is no obligation to buy the program – some people only need to do the free material for their faith and hope to be restored.

      Click here to watch a video about the free ebook and how to download it:

      Click here to watch a video about the 12 week program and sign up for the free week 1:

      Please let me know if you have any questions. I pray that God will use this material to help you.

  5. Hi:

    I registered and paid for the 12 week program, but am not able to access anything beyond week 1. Can you please help me ?

    Thank you, and wishing you a blessed Easter !
    Cheri Howe

  6. Hi Heleen, I’m a 23 year old university student from the UK I’ve had an eating disorder for 10years and always felt like it was impossible to beat. I became a christian about a year and half ago and had a radical encounter with God and my life was completely transformed!
    However my eating disorder remained, lately I have been really struggling with it and crying out to God for help and I found this website, its amazing!!
    I can’t see right now how God will get me over my eating disorder, as I’ve struggled with it almost half my life. But I have faith God will bring me out of it into freedom. He has already done it in so many other areas of my life in the past year and half. If there’s one things I’ve learnt since he found me, is that he is far greater than any problem I’ve had. No matter how impossible or how entrenched I thought it was, and that he will always be victorious. Thank you so much for making this website this is such a blessing and was exactly the sort of guidance I was looking for.

    • Hi Naomi
      Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I am so glad that you are finding this website helpful and pray that God will lead you to freedom and healing that is only found in Him!

    • Hi Belinda

      This is truly a devastating struggle that affects all of our lives. However, there is help and healing for you in Jesus and I would like to help you in anyway I can.

      For now I will recommend that you download my FREE EBOOK “God will I ever be free” and also register for the FREE WEEK 1 to give you new hope and restore your trust in God. There is no obligation to buy the program – some people only needs to do the free material for their faith and hope to be restored.

      Click here to watch a video about the free ebook and how to download it:

      Click here to watch a video about the 12 week program and sign up for the free week 1:

      Please let me know if you have any questions. I pray that God will use this material to help you.

      • I have been at the end of my rope and took last Sunday (24th) through Thursday and listened to your webinars and took (MANY) notes!! I feel like this is part of the answer to my prayers. God being the first!! = ) I have ordered your workbook (and a leader’s guide). I would like to do the next 12 week online….but we don’t have the money. My husband is an associate pastor and we have to sons (one in grad school and one in college. Could you tell me what to do to appy for some sort of discounted price. I could probably come up with $100 dollars (maybe $50 this month and $50 next month) before your next one starts (I think the next one starts in September). Please let me know if this would be at all possible. I got the leaders book, because there is a possibility I will try to do a small group in my home (or at church) if I find success. I have lost and gained as little (?) (60 pounds) (and as much as (114 pounds) through weight watchers, but can gain it all and more back so quickly. My time in the mountains before the Lord, listening to Beth Moore, several pastors and you and your webinars have made a tremendous difference since the 24th ( I have been “clean” for 5 days so far from compulsive/overeating). I know I can only do it with HIM! Thanks for your response, either way you have already been a TREMENDOUS blessing with your webinars!! = )

        • Hi Amy. Thank you so much for writing to me. I’m truly sorry to hear about you struggle, but so grateful to God for using my material to bless you. I have given your request through to our scholarship department and will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
          Blessings, Heleen

  7. I have been struggling with bulimia since I was 12, I am now 31. Have been in treatment facilities on 3 separate occasions and am at the end of my rope. I would like to try the online program but it is a lot of money to spend. I think I could justify spending the money if I knew it would help, but I can’t get my request for the 1 week trial to go through.

    • Hi Dana
      Seems like you have access to WEEK 1 now. Please let me know if you have any other questions for me. I pray that God will use the free material to bless you!

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