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1. How do I know that this program will benefit me, I have tried many other programs and fear that this will not work either?

I hate to give people false hope, and therefore I will be completely honest with you: This program is not a quick fix but will nudge you towards a place where you can live in victory and also give you the tools to come back to it if you fall (seeing that you keep your password forever, and can come back to it any time you need to)
That said, fear of failure comes from the enemy who would love nothing more than to keep you in a place of bondage. The truth is that you can not fail at this program. It consists of tools to implement basic principals and habits into your life that will benefit you greatly. It’s is not just another diet, but rather a program where you will find the truth about your struggle as well as support and encouragement. God can use even the “failed attempts” of your past. You might have been prepared by those to be here, at this very moment, in this very spot, ready to begin your journey to freedom!

However, God knows exactly what it will take to bring you to a place of freedom. If He wants to use my program, I will be honored, but be sure to ask Him first. I am always praying that God will have ladies sign-up who are ready to walk this journey to freedom and if that’s you I will be delighted to have you!

2. Why do you ask money for this program if God has given you freedom free of charge?

I honestly did not build this website for monetary gain. My soul purpose in creating this website was, and still is, for women to be free from food addiction and eating disorders. I am charging a fee for this program because, instead of taking up another job to help provide for our family, I work daily to answer back emails, support ladies,  and do research to keep the material on my website updated and fresh. There is also ongoing costs involved in the upkeep of this kind of website such as adverting, hosting costs, and the latest hardware and software in order to not frustrate you with too many hick-ups and technical difficulties. That said, I have payment options available as well as scholarships.
You can read more about it on this page: 12 Week Online Program

3. Is this a 12 Step Program?

No, this is not a 12 Step Program. However, this program does have 12 Weeks that are devoted to 12 different topics. To find out more about the 12 Weeks and why I chose the specific topics, please click here:12 Week Online Program

4. Can I get this program in a workbook and DVD’s?

Unfortunately I don’t have this program available in hard copies yet (books and DVD’s) We are working on it, but at the moment it seems cost effective to just have it all online. This way I can also keep my prices low.
So what it means for you is that you don’t have to pay any shipping cost, you do it all online!
Once you’ve paid you will receive a password and then you will have access to all 12 Weeks Online. So you read the material from your computer and listen to all the videos online.

5. Is there a way for me to pay this over a period of time?

Yes, I have some payment options available. Here is a link to the product page where you can find out more about your different options: Products

6. I read the Bible but I can’t seem to concentrate and I don’t feel anything?

This struggle with food can cause high anxiety levels in some people which makes it almost impossible to focus on any kind of reading or studying. If this is true for you it is important that you get some help by starting a program such as my 12 Week Online Program, or go for counseling. Once you start to deal with the anxiety you will be able to focus again.
However, sometimes the enemy just attack our minds when we sit down to read or study God’s Word. It is important to take your thoughts captive and rebuke the enemy.
As far as “feeling something”: If you haven’t read the Bible for a while, you might not have an “appetite” for it. The only way to get it back is to ask God to give you a hunger for his Word and to get a Bible study that keeps your attention (different people like different teaching styles). The important thing here is to just keep going, just show up every morning, take the step in obedience and the “feelings” and revelations will follow. Read more about this on my Blog. Click here: Just Show Up

7. Can you recommend a Bible Study?

You might find a group in your area that is doing the Beth Moore Bible study Breaking Free or another one of her studies that truly impacted my life: Living beyond yourself. Both of these studies will benefit you greatly in your pursuit of freedom.
However, if there are no groups close to you, try doing her shorter version of Breaking Free. It’s called Living Free; it’s inexpensive and you can do it without a group or CD’s. I also love one of her newer ones: Stepping up.
Another awesome study that I recommend for both men and women is John Eldredge’s Waking the Dead. It comes in a book and a workbook.

If you want more information on other Bible studies and Books that I recommend you can find it on my Suggested Reading List. Pick any Bible teacher that you trust and respect, as long as you get started and commit to doing it daily.

8. Do you have a Statement of Faith?

Yes, I sure do. It is located on my About us page, but you can also go to it directly by clicking on this link: My Statement of Faith



Please note: Use our contact form for private message for Heleen or technical questions for our Webmaster.


6 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Male talking here…
    Ive been searching forever its seems like now! I want freedom so bad – With all do respect Its driving me crazy how people and websites think this is only a womens problem… well maybe women are just more aware of it…. Can this help me or do I need to find another site and if so can you direct me to it?
    Colt Gordon

    • Hi Colt
      Thank you so much for writing.

      I can only imagine your frustration. You’re right, there are not a lot of help for Christian men who struggle with the same issues. It has been a dream of mine
      to expand this ministry to also include men and children who struggle with food. I hope to do that one day, but for now I can tell you that the same principles apply. So if you can stomach all the girl talk you can definitely benefit from my program:)

      I have not come across a program like mine for men, but please tell me if you find anything so that I can add it to my resources here on my website.

      Depending on the severity of your problem, you might consider an inpatient Christian program. You will find those here on my website under Treatment (Christian Eating Disorder Treatment Centers)

      I would also recommend you read Gary Smalley’s book “Food and Love”. He talks candidly about his struggle with food and how God helped him to walk in victory.

      I hope this helped you

      Kind regards

  2. I was just wondering if having an eating disorder is a sin. Is a person who’s struggling with one sinning?


    • Dear Anne-Marie

      Thank you for your question!

      Eating disorders and food addiction are very complex problems (like other addictions). However, the short answer to your question is yes, where there is an addictive behavior or habit, there is also sin present.

      I’m not denying that the sin usually came as a result of coping with deep wounds and brokenness. However, one has to come to a place where you let God heal your pain instead of using something (food or starvation) to numb the pain.

      I discuss all of this in detail in my program.

      You might also be interested in reading this post I wrote on my blog about this topic “Why does it hurt so much”:

      Please contact me if you have any further questions
      Kind regards

  3. hi…i am really need help….am willing to do your program….just afraid i’ll fail yet again….do you do one week after the other in a time fram or at your own pace????

    • Dear Leeda

      Most ladies who have struggled with food issues for some time experience this fear of failure that you speak of, simply because they have tried so many different things and nothing worked. Fear however, is something the enemy uses to keep people in a place of bondage year after year. The truth is that you can not fail at this program, not because it’s some “miracle cure” but because it consists of tools to implement basic Biblical principals and habits into your life. Jesus alone can heal your heart and free you from the bondage of eating disorders (Isaiah 61:1-4)

      God can use even the “failed attempts” of your past. You might have been prepared by those to be here, at this very moment, in this very spot, ready to begin your journey to freedom!

      As to your other question: You can do this program at your own pace. I have a suggested schedule of 12 weeks, but most ladies take longer and especially come back to areas that they still have difficulty with. I offer a life time access to this program, so you can come back to it or do it again as many times as you need to.

      I would love to have you if you choose to become a member of my program, but whatever you decide, my prayer for you is that God may bring you to a place of total healing and freedom in Him.

      Warm regards

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