Meal Replacements: Medi-fast

Meal Replacements: Medi-fast

Meal replacements can cause fast weight loss, but a QUICK FIX should never be our objective. On the contrary, we need two LIFE LONG habits to bring us to a place of total freedom in our struggle with food: SURRENDERING THE IDOL OF FOOD TO GOD and bringing back CONSISTENCY to our lives.

As with many other meal replacements, the protein used is GMO soy, a very harmful main ingredient.  Other ingredients in many of these meal replacements are corn syrup, sugar, fructose and sugar substitutes which contribute to sugar addiction and insulin resistance, making it a very bad choice for people who must regulate their blood sugar.

WARNING: People who suffer from bulimia,  anorexia, and certain health issues SHOULD NOT FOLLOW this program.

Anorexia: People who suffer from anorexia should avoid any type of restrictive diet in order to avoid obsessive eating patterns as well as calorie and food control (eating the same thing all the time and keep lowering calories). In fact if you have anorexia I would strongly recommend that you remain under the constant care and supervision of both a health care professional and a dietician. In addition you may want to start dealing with spiritual and emotional issues through the help of a counselor and use my 12 week online program as enhancement to professional treatment.

Bulimia: People who suffer from bulimia should first close the back door of purging firmly (for at least 6 months) before attempting to follow any restrictive program, and even then it remains risky as it could push you back into the cycle of binging and purging. It is not easy closing that back door and especially difficult trying to do it on your own. I recommend you see a counselor, join a support group, and also take a look at my program as spirtual and emotional enhancement to professional treatment.  I had to push through the fear of having to close that door in the face of possible weight gain myself, and I know it is not easy but it can be done with the help of the Holy Spirit and the body of Christ (counselors, pastors, and friends who walked this journey).

Meal replacements are very risky if you have strong perfectionistic tendencies, especially if you started binging in the past when you followed programs that restricted calories or certain food. You might experience anxiety and the urge to start binging even just thinking about starting a restrictive program. If this is you (and this is true for many people who struggle with food) I would recommend Weight Watchers or another food plan where you do not feel the need to do things 100% perfect, and you don’t feel the need to binge because you can eat all food in moderation.

Meal replacement are NOT a good idea if you have certain health conditions. It is best to avoid meal replacements all together, but if you have to use it make sure you check with your doctor and have done all your research about the product and the ingredients. 

We should all strive to eat organic and unprocessed food as much as possible in order to thrive and break free from food struggles. Having a body that is free from sugar and other addictive substances (found in processed food) is a huge step forward in overcoming  food struggles. 

I recommend watching the movie “Fed Up” to learn more about the evils of processed foods and what it does to our bodies and brains.

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