By Heleen Woest


Are you a Christian recovering from Food Addiction or another Eating Disorder?

Do you find it hard to figure this thing out and get a hold on it? Do you wonder why God didn’t set you free from Food Addiction after you’ve begged Him to do so for years?

I was in this place where my struggle with Eating Disorders would get a little better for a while and I would be thanking God and be so excited, just to relapse again into a pit of despair.

I couldn’t understand this: I had a good relationship with God, I went to church, I was actually quite involved in church and I was a pretty good Christian for the most part.
Yet in this area, I just couldn’t see anything closely related to the Freedom and the Life in abundance that the Bible speaks of. Actually just the basic fruit of the Spirit was out of my reach.

Listen, don’t stay in denial. Don’t let the enemy trick you like he tricked me to always go look for some other explanation of why you have an eating disorder. I always said to myself: “There must be something you missed. There must be some reason why you are like this. There must be some cure”. This went on for years.

The truth: I really knew all along that my heart was held captive by food and that nothing would change if I still loved this thing too much to let it go. We can not serve two masters at the same time.

I finally stopped the denial and admitted to myself that I might have a problem with loving food too much, maybe even to the extend of it being my secret idol or lover. I knew that it was time to walk away from this lover, and let the recovery from this eating disorder begin. Unfortunately that was easier said than done. Actually, every single time that I would try and get away, I just couldn’t.

Every time I decided to make a change, life would seem to get so difficult and relationships extra hard, so that I would crawl back to the abusive lover (food).

Other times the enemy would attack my heart with guilt and shame and because of the distance between me and Jesus, my husband and Lord, I would not run to Him for the healing my bleeding heart so desperately needed.

I knew that the Bible calls Him our healer and that He has come to heal my broken heart, but it just wasn’t real to me.

I was scared and not sure that He would care about me in this filthy, broken state. In the end I would turn again to the only one I knew, the false lover who would always help me cover over the pain, if only for a few seconds. Yet, moments later I would find myself sinking even deeper into my pit of despair.

After years of this I knew that I didn’t want my heart tied to this lover anymore.

So I had to go through the pain and anguish to say goodbye to this lover. This is the irony, never mind how abusive the lover is, it is always very difficult to leave. This Eating Disorder became entwined with me, part of my being. I didn’t know who I was and how to act without it. I had to resist the urge to turn back to this lover moment by moment.

I had to break away and go through the process of recovery until my heart was healed and belonged safely to Another: Someone who was and is worthy of my love – Jesus the true lover of my soul.

I had to take a hard look at the truth:
I loved food more than God, more than my husband, my children, my family and my friends.
I loved food more than my own life!

Something was very wrong: Food had it’s claws tightly around my heart and it’s mastermind, Satan, made sure that it stayed that way by attacking my heart, feeding me lies and keeping me away from my Husband, Jesus Christ, the one who loves me and could set me free.

Who does your heart really belong to?
They say that a person’s time and thoughts give good indications of where the heart is at.

I wrote a 12 Week Online Course that deals with everything you as a Christian, recovering from Food Addiction or an Eating Disorder, will need to see you through, all the way to freedom. This course deals with the whole person: So even though it’s a Biblical sound course that deals with your relationship with God, it also deals with your body, your emotions, your thought life and your relationships. Thus it is very practical as well.

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