First Place 4 Health

First Place 4 Health

First Place is a Christ Centered weight loss program that has been around for a while but just recently changed their name to First Place 4 Health. They base their program on the verse in Mark 12:30 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.” They believe that we need change in our heart, soul, mind and strength (body).

I strongly recommend First Place and actually facilitated some of these groups for a season, mainly because they deal with the whole person, not only the physical side which is weight loss. If you are suffering from and eating disorder or food addiction then this is a very necessary feature you will need in a weight loss program.

This program has a whole member manual to teach you about portion control, healthy eating, exercise and much more. The focus on relationship with God is what distinguish it from other healthy eating plans such as Weight Watchers. It comes with short Bible studies that you can easily incorporate into a busy schedule. You also get a CD with memory verses put to music. You can use it to work out or just to listen to in the car, and so get the Word of God memorized without effort.

First Place also offers support groups where you can meet other Christian ladies that are struggling with their weight. These groups are usually very encouraging seeing that the leader receives guidelines to follow in order to assist you in what you’re dealing with week by week. You also weigh in at these groups as you would at Weight Watchers, so accountability is in place.

If you are struggling with eating disorders or food addiction, I would recommend that you find a group close to you and go check it out. This can be great support for you and also help you to lose weight the right way. However, you will probably still need some counseling or a program such as my 12 Week Program for Women Struggling with food to help you deal with the deeper issues.

First Place has a lot of resources that can be very beneficial to you. There are a few different Bible studies in their series that will keep you going for quite some time. To find out more about this excellent program for healthy weight loss go check out their website at




You can get help for yourself or a loved one through my 12 Week Online Study Course. I’ve compiled this course from my own experience with food struggles, insight and understanding I’ve gained through counseling ladies in my support groups, Biblical principals, as well as material I’ve gathered by well-known Christian authors, counselors, and doctors. This study is jam-packed with information, practical guide lines and honest testimonies.


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