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12 Week ONLINE Program for women with food struggles, based on Biblical principles and material by well know Christian authors, counselors and doctors.


This program can be used by anyone who has access to a computer and the internet, anywhere in the world.







This program can be used by anyone who has access to a computer and the internet, anywhere in the world.



What do you get when you purchase this program?


 1. Access to a Private Members Area

  •  Life time access to an ever evolving and growing member area, with members joining daily from around the globe
  • Appetite for Freedom interactive workbook in .pdf format. 250 pages of written material that includes information and guidelines pertaining to eating disorders and other food struggles. The information and guidelines in this program are based on the Bible and material by well-known Christian authors, counselors, and doctors.
  • Approximately 60  pre-recorded support videos. You will have at least one video to watch per day throughout the 12 weeks for daily encouragement and support. It consists of the following:
    • My honest testimony of years in captivity as well as my journey to freedom
    • Biblical truth and principals which changed me and brought freedom to my life
    • Insight and understanding I acquired through observing and talking to many ladies in my support groups over the years
    • Methods and plans I found to be either helpful or dangerous
    • The information I’ve gathered through extensive research and study in the field of food-related struggles
  • Step-by-step guidelines to help you apply the material to your life. I wanted to go beyond mere information, but give you some practical things to do to make it real and make sure you experience real change.


2. Bonuses

  • Heleen’s 40 day Journal: When you become a member I will give you access to my personal 40 day journal. This is an unedited journal that I kept while going through a period of breaking free from an eating disorder. I left all the raw emotions, failures, victories and difficult issues in there so that you can relate and realize that you are not alone in this struggle and you too can be victorious.
  • Tools
    Menu templates to download memory verses for your personal note card
    Information for your spouse to better understand your struggle


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Are you exhausted of an endless battle with Eating Disorders? Are you even skeptical about this website right now?
Believe me, I don’t blame you… I understand your skepticism, especially if you’ve been looking for answers, in every possible and impossible place, for as long as I did.  I want you to try it out before buying anything. You can take a look at Week 1 for free. It contains a complete overview of the program as well as the material for the first week and seven support videos. This will give you a good idea of what the rest of the program looks like, and what you can expect.


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16 reviews for 12 Week ONLINE Program

  1. 5 out of 5


    Dear Heleen,

    Thank you so much for your course. From day one I was convicted. I realized I was in bondage and addicted to food and purging. Even though it is still a daily struggle not to give in to the latest fad diet, not to be fooled by retouched photos of “beautifully thin” women and to get up and exercise, I have not purged from the first day I started your course over three months ago. It feels like I’ve been free much longer than that time and I cannot believe how much of BLESSING your course was. I Thank God for your compassion.

    When I found your course, I had been bulimic for 20 years. I had prayed that I would be free of bulimia, because I thought that there was no earthly reason why a Christian should have such an affliction and that no good could come out of such disgusting behavior. I thought God would just fix me , if he loved me. However, through your course, He showed me that He truly did love me no matter what, but that if I truly Loved him, I would have to give up my idol and show him that He was more important. Although I don’t feel strong enough to help others out of the same situation in the way you have, I pray that in due time God will allow me to use my experience to help others outside my immediate circle of friends.

    Even though I know I am not out of danger, I know that my salvation, my health and my relationship with God is more important than fitting into certain clothes or trying to make my self into a body type that I was not created to be. Also, I figure that if I fall, I will get up each time and resist the devil, he will flee and it will get easier as time goes by!

    Since I’ve stopped purging, I’ve gained a few pounds, but it’s worth it, because I don’t have to plot and scheme how to get rid of food and I’m sure I’ve cut my grocery bill in half (smile). Now when I feel anxious, depressed or board, I pray instead of eating just to purge. I still tend to overeat sometimes but I rely on God much more these days, and I know that even if I never have the privilege of helping others with eating disorders, at the every least, my 3 year old will not learn these eating habits from me.

    I’ve also learned how to make better food choices by following the guidelines of Jenny Craig, although I had to give up the restrictive diet plan I signed up for because, the restrictions made me want to go back to purging. Now, I can eat a mini dough nut once in a while without purging or feeling guilty, full sized dough nuts use to be a favorite purging food. Also, I only weigh myself once or twice a month as opposed to every day sometimes two or three times a day.

    Although I am heaIed, I have a friend who is addicted to diet pills, and another who I is bulimic and is in denial that she has a problem at all, so please pray for them. 🙂 And pray that God can use me to help them specifically. Thank God he led me to your course. God bless you and your work. I pray that God will continue to keep you and your family strong, healthy and happy in him. Thanks again.

    Love in Christ
    Maria xoxo

  2. 5 out of 5


    Dear Heleen

    I can’t thank you enough for this program that you put together. God is using you in a tremendous way in my life. Week 6 has been the beginning of a break through for me. Your own testimony about the thoughts Satan puts in your head was so touching. For the longest time I thought I was the only person in the world who felt this way. So many times I have thought that I just had a wicked heart. But the truth is that my heart is good. The Holy Spirit lives there and these thoughts are from Satan! How could I have been so blind for so long? Satan has been using me as a punching bag. I know there is much work to do…much reprogramming of my mind.

    I did want to share with you that I’ve been hearing from God again! It has been so long and now just to be in his presence and to think of how he loves us! He is the ONLY one who can fill this emptiness inside of me. I had a great day yesterday…absolutely great…and I can only imagine the rest of my life that way…free from this eating disorder. Of course today the fight was on. I had to keep refuting Satan over and over and over and even now my thoughts keep straying, but I know where my strength lies! I know where my help comes from! I am reminded of a phrase Joyce Meyer uses in one of her books…”I’m not where I need to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be. I’m OK and I’m on my way!”
    Thank you again for listening and sharing and teaching! God Bless YOU!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Hi Heleen,
    Its Alina, the daughter of Inessa from Kazakhstan. After translating the course for my mom, i have realised that i turned to food for my emotional well-being as well. Now, i started to be more aware that i am in the spiritual warfare and i can ask God to help me with my eating habits, temptations, and exercise. I just wanted to say that i started to do exercise that i enjoy. My friend kept asking me to join Salsa classes. I tried once, did not like it, and refused to go. After doing the course, i thought, maybe i should give another go? Because Dancing is the only exercise i really enjoy. I remember you mentioned that Holy Spirit already has an exercise for me i enjoy. So i started doing it Regular! Its so much fun and apparently everybody says that i am making so much progress and a really good dancer. Thanks so much for everything you do. The interesting part, i already “dragged” 3 of my friends. And we all started going to Salsa classes! 🙂
    So you know you already impacted 4 lives!
    By the way, I am in another country now from where my mother lives. She is learning how to use internet, she really wants to write an e-mail with her updates. I know that she gradually stopped craving sweets, she used to eat kilos per day!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Hi Heleen!
    Before I signed up for this program, I spent years trying to lose weight. Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn’t. I am 51 years old and I have wreaked havoc on my body, mind and soul. I asked God to help me lose weight through all those years but I still got nowhere. Looking back I see that I was asking Him to help me lose weight, not deal with why I was so heavy. It was when I cried out, “God, I can’t do this anymore! I am helpless!” that He led me straight to your program. I had no idea that I had an eating disorder. It honestly never occurred to me. Eating disorders, in my mind, were anorexia or bulimia, not binging and stuffing yourself to the point you’re sick.

    Something God has taught me through your program is that once I pray for His help I need to accept it. That may sound silly but when I began to see I really wasn’t interested in His way of doing things I realized why He couldn’t help me. I had so many control issues and perfectionist ways that no one could really help me. Thanks to your teaching in this program my eyes have been opened to that and I have come to a place where I trust God to help me overcome…however He chooses to do so!

    I was reading something in my journal from August of 2007. Here is some of what I wrote…As a Christian I have desired to do the ‘right’ things. I want to live right, act right, be right, and pray right. Lately I’ve seen my motive for doing this has not necessarily been correct. I have done this because I want those around me to see that I am living the Christian life by doing the right things. While this may not be bad in itself, I don’t believe it’s the motive that pleases God. And that is the underlying issue. The fact that I haven’t lived my life to please my Father, instead I have lived life to please myself. That’s rather hard to digest. I tell God all the time, “I want to be all You want me to be. I want all You have for me in this life while I’m here on the earth.” But in reality I have hindered His ability to complete His work in me simply because I have refused to allow Him total access in this area of my life. I really think I’m on to something here. The question is, “What am I going to do about it?”

    It’s been over two years since I wrote the words above. I just completed the 12 week on-line program this month. When I first wrote those words I did not see the issue of control or perfectionism in my life, but I can clearly see them now. Praise God, He did not leave me where I was! I have a long way to go but I am making tremendous progress. The scales are coming off my eyes, one layer at a time. I believe with all my heart that one of the keys that unlocks the door to freedom starts with absolute surrender. Without it I am traveling on a never ending road that leads me NOWHERE! Another key is obedience…choosing to walk the path He has chosen for me.

    My heart truly seeks all God has for me, and I can now say this with a new level of confidence in God…not myself…I cannot get there in my own self effort. I simply must make the decision to do things His way, in His time, if I want to experience the “all” I am seeking.

    A whole new door opened for me when you added the forum for members to be able to communicate with each other. It has been a tremendous encouragement for me to be in touch with other women who are going through the same things I am. Even though our eating disorders are not exactly alike we struggle with so many of the same issues. I find it very healing to share my thoughts with them. It helps me see I am not a basket case and that I’m not alone. There really are other women like me out there! And your continuous encouragement to us is like icing on the cake, Heleen.

    I am so happy God led me to your program, Heleen! I hope and pray that God will lead women from all over the world to you…just like He did me!

    I love you, Heleen Woest!

  5. 5 out of 5


    I am amazed today how free I feel compared to this time exactly 4 weeks ago, when I woke up only to immediately begin a binge and purge. To God be the glory, great things He has done! That day, 4 Saturday’s ago, I cried out to the Lord as I had done many times before and then proceeded to spend the remainder of the morning on my computer going through website after website looking for help with my ED once and for all. I am so thankful to the Lord for leading me here. This site felt so right…nothing warning me against it…quite the opposite really as I felt drawn here. Now 4 weeks later, I have not had one binge or purge and I feel closer to God than I ever have in my entire walk with Him.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Thank-you so much for this wonderful program. I have to be honest with you….the very night I purchased this program I got set free. The key for me was repentance and the choice to be obedient. I love this program and it is comforting to know I have it forever. I joined weight watchers on Sept 7 and have lost 13 pounds so far. I am so great full to you for your sincere passion to help me. You have no idea the pit I was in………HOPELESS……Now I am free and hanging on to the threads of His garment. Thank-you so much and may God continue to richly bless you.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Hi Heleen,
    I have completed the 12 weeks and am now taking my time going back through them a second time. While I can’t say I’ve been set completely free from overeating, my addictive foods and obsessive thoughts about food and weight, I can say that I truly believe the answer lies in the program and my falling short of complete victory is due to remaining denial on my part. Having said that, there is 1 miraculous change I have victoriously made as a result of the program. As it has inspired me to be obedient to God so I could have a peaceful relationship with Him, I was convicted and moved to lay down my 35 year smoking habit. It has been 4 months since my last cigarette. While it hasn’t been easy, I’ve been able to apply a lot of the program for strength in staying abstinent from smoking and avoiding overeating to the extent of gaining the weight associated with quitting. I am most grateful for the change the program has made in my relationship with God. With smoking out of the way, I feel a lot closer to Him to have faith that He wants to help me with other areas needing change.
    God bless you especially, Heleen for your development and administration of the program. This is another life you have helped to save in more ways than one.

  8. 5 out of 5


    Dear Heleen,
    Thanks for this opportunity to share about a “work in progress”.
    It was answered prayer to find you, Heleen, and your ministry “Women Struggling with Food” website in my search for help with a long effort with bulimia and binge eating. Over the last two years God has given me great victories in changing habits, with lots of good support from a special network of friends and the PRISM program. However, I’ve still had struggles with the eating disorders during the times of stress–such defeat, such shame, such damage to my body and spirit. Connecting with you and the network of others who are finding victory has been a great encouragement to me. Not feeling alone means so much. Thank you for the truths you have shared about the journey to health and freedom.
    May the Lord strengthen you and bless your husband and your family with new hope and every provision.
    God bless, Sheree

  9. 5 out of 5


    I just want to thank you. Your program is making a difference in my life. I tried EVERYTHING before. I failed and failed and failed over and over. GOD SPOKE TO ME THROUGH YOU when nothing else has worked. You are anointed with his wisdom and spirit when it comes to your ministry.

    I in no way intend to be negative about other programs on the internet but this is why they didn’t work for me, “Setting the Captives Free” suggested I eat everything in moderation and that my main sin was gluttony and I FAILED DAILY, why? I DIDN’T REALIZE MY heart loved food more than God. I didn’t realized this affair I was having. How could I eat my trigger foods in “moderation” at the beginning? This is an addiction, it’s like telling an alcoholic to let go, let God, drink but stop when you think you’re getting drunk. I’m sure God heals people differently, but with it didn’t work that way for me. Having 1 bite of my trigger foods on that program only left me eating more and more.

    Any other program that suggests 12 steps, didn’t bring me to healing. I loved the first 3, admitting that I’m powerless, surrendering to God, making a decision to change…but then I would get lost. I needed more details. I need to know that my heart loved another and until I realized that and WANTED to let go of that nothing would change.

    Heleen, I am barely on week 2 day 2, but your program has already awaken me to a new way of thinking. The devils lies, what happened to my heart, my idols, my brain fog, 40 days of warfare have been the most powerful tools I’ve come across in this search of mine.

    I am the type to buy a journal, write in it and tear out pages, when my day is not perfect. I have found such release in journaling on your website. The very second day when I wrote I wanted to delete the previous post because I had failed. BUT I am so thankful that you don’t have the option to delete posts, that we have to ask you because it really shows my battle, good days and bad.


  10. 5 out of 5


    Hi Heleen,
    I have just finished the 12 week program. I cannot thank you enough for putting all this together, God has used you in a mighty way ( and still is!!!)
    God has done amazing things in my life over these 12 weeks, I haven’t binged/purged once and God has dealt with some issues in my life that I didn’t even know were affecting me!
    I have lived with bulimia for 14 years or so and although I have had episodes of not throwing up (sometimes for as long as 9 months) I have never been free. I truly believe that Jesus has now set me free once and for all, but I am also very aware that satan is ready to dive in and knock me of track, so I need to keep walking closely with my Saviour.
    I will still keep coming to the forum, and will probably revisit some of the weeks. I will in time write my whole testimony of my journey to freedom but in the mean time I just want to say thanks once again for being willing to be used by God.

    Thanks once again

    Lots of love in Christ

  11. 5 out of 5


    I have written you in the past of my horrible struggles with my food addiction and would love to share with you my story of how I am 100% healed. No longer addicted to food. And its not just that i’ve stayed away from eating my trigger foods. I am a normal eater now. Through the power of prayer and God, I was healed six months ago. I’ve spoken about it in my OA meetings but because everyone is stuck on believing that food addiction is a disease they will have their entire life, they hardly heard a thing I said. I am now able to eat flour, sugar, fats, anything without feeling a need to binge or even give a second thought to food. Its amazing! Truely a miracle. With God ALL things are possible.

  12. 5 out of 5


    Hi Heleen,

    Just to let you know that I have completed the 12 week programme and I’m strong in the Lord, exercising daily and eating in a balanced way. I shall continue to draw near to Him (through His word and prayer), for I know that true peace, joy, fulfilment is found in Him and His word.
    Thank you for providing a structure to assist my journey to wholeness. May God bless you and your ministry.

    In faith, hope & love,


  13. 5 out of 5


    ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! no not my birth birthday but celebrating 1 whole year of recovery!!!!!
    If you had said that it was even possible a year ago, I would not have believed you!
    So I can only thank Jesus for being by my side and guiding every step and revealing things to me in the last year that I could never of dreamt of.

    Thank you to Heleen for this program, it is the only thing that has worked for me after 14 years of bulimia, it is a truely God inspired program. Thank you Heleen for your consistent encouragement and obedience to God.
    And thanks to all you lovely ladies, particularly in those early day when I thought I was the only one and therefore must be a freak!!! You have all been an amazing support.

    I will still come on here and give you my support, it also keeps me accountable.
    So I pray for you all today, that as you continue to trust in our Saviour, however hard things may seem, keep pressing on, He does care, be patient, He will bring you the healing, victory and freedom that you long for.

    God bless
    Elizabeth (UK)

  14. 5 out of 5


    Jul 24, 2012

    Hello Heleen,

    First off, I want to say thank you. Thank you for all of the hard work that you put into this website to help women break free from the bondage of eating disorders. Thank you for listening to our Lord, being a faithful servant, and living your ministry here on earth. You are such an inspiration and I have learned more from this 12-week course than ever I could have imagined. I thank God for you.

    To give you a little background on my story, my eating disorder began when I was a senior in college. I was a collegiate athlete who played women’s college basketball. My senior year, due to chronic ankle problems, I was forced to quit playing yet remain a part of the team in as much capacity as I could at that point. My identity was lost. For 15 years I was the basketball player – this was the ground I stood on. Not growing up in a Christ-centered and loving household, I did not learn what standing on the rock of our Lord Jesus Christ looked like. Once the eating disorder began, I turned to all the dangerous methods that you spoke of in the last 12 weeks, particularly starving myself. Eventually, after graduating, that eased and I began to eat more again, but the mental aspect was still there. This led to binge eating. My body has been through so much and my weight has fluctuated so much in the last 6 years. Like any other addiction, it was progressive and I finally realized I was powerless over my eating disorder and so I began to search online. But this time it wasn’t or another miracle pill or diet, but for HELP. This is when I came across your program.

    I can now say, without a doubt, I am in a totally different place. I still fall, but the falls are no longer followed by days of guilt and depression, lying in bed and continuing the binge. Instead, they are followed by questions of how I mentally got to that place, and turning to the Lord, again and again.

    Going through your program has been the biggest blessing I could have ever asked for. Thank you for being so honest, humble and pointing to Chris in everything. You are so lovely and so wonderful and God has used you for His purpose. Thank you for blessing me and for being such a strong sister in Christ. God bless you Heleen 🙂


  15. 5 out of 5


    My eating disorder started for me when I was 18. Self hatred and low self esteem had been in my life for many years without me realising and accepting the depth of the issue. My relationship with God developed a lot from I was 15 when I lived on a Christian boarding school for a year but at the same time the enemy began to whisper lies in my ear about that I was not good enough, comparisons with other girls started and my self talk became very negative when I failed to loose weight countless times from I was around 11 years old. (Even though I was a normal size.)

    I had my makeup to cover up my insecurities and with perfectionism and people pleasing I looked completely fine from the outside. I grew up getting attention for my looks and instead of taking it in as compliments I believed that my only value came from my looks or my performance (I was the best student in my class.)

    My mum criticized herself and compared herself to other women and compared me to my girlfriends, and my dad was emotionally distant so it affected me as well…and when I overheard my parents fighting for the first time in my life when I was 19 where my mum accused my dad for having an affair, it broke me.

    These are the answers to why I developed an eating disorder which started with a strict diet- and exercise regime/diet half a year before I graduated high school. I read about health and food constantly on the Internet (probably to keep my mind entertained with something else than the pain) and even though I prayed and read my Bible it was not enough at all in comparison to how much I had given the enemy a foothold in my life. I believed Satan’s lies about me much more than what the Word of God says about who I am in Him. I accomplished my goal of loosing weight with a lot of control but what almost spiraled into anorexia turned into bulimia during the days after my graduation when I went crazy in chocolate and found myself purging for the first time and the struggle with bulimia continued 8 months from that day on.

    I found your website but didn’t want to subscribe because I didn’t think I was dealing with the underlying issues, only the eating! But once more I came to your website and I am convinced that the Lord led me there. It has brought me so much freedom to come out of the denial and face all my emotions and not hiding them for myself and others! Your program was the first step towards my complete freedom.

    Just after going through the 12 weeks I went to a Bible School (YWAM) for 5 months and God sat me completely free there from the self-hatred, identity in my looks, pride, binging, comparison with others and self-centeredness. The freedom came from the inside out when I began to receive and get a revelation of God’s crazy love for me personally, it changes everything. To raise my focus to Jesus and reach out to others and share about my faith has been a pivetal point in my healing. In Jesus I found hope for my future and realized that I actually “can laugh at the days to come”. (Prov. 31, 25)

    Heleen, thank you so much for your obedience to God! Thank you, thank you!


  16. 5 out of 5


    First of all, I just wanted to thank you for following God’s call to write this 12 week program. It literally changed my life. I had so many things I had to work on that I wasn’t even aware of until I took part in the program. I have been trying for 7 years now to do this “with the help of God” (really, praying that God will help me but try to do it all on my own) and I have always done the diet/binge/diet loop…a miserable existence. Over the past few years I have always felt like there was a “wall” in between me and God and it turns out that wall was ME! Through your program, God demolished that wall and Satan fought (and still is fighting) HARD to keep me in bondage. I will say that the hardest thing for me to let go of was the notion of losing weight. I struggle with body dysmorphia and, even though I am thin, I feel fat despite the numbers on the scale saying otherwise. God is teaching me how to live my life helping others instead of a life focused on myself. He is showing me how to break bad habits and build new ones.

    I have been working on intuitive eating (which has failed me in the past) but God has truly been giving me the strength to get past that initial phase of just eating junk food all of the time. I am learning that my natural way of eating isn’t going to look like everybody else’s. Also, I learning that hunger isn’t just getting to the point that I have to eat now! Hunger is very subtle and, as long as it is there, I eat mindfully and try to just eat until I’m comfortably full. I am learning that I have a CHOICE about when and what I eat. Just that simple fact has changed me. Instead of eating a filling breakfast because I feel like I have to, I eat it because I want to because eating junk food all day makes me feel sick. Starting my day off with a real meal instead of cereal, etc. makes a lot of difference.

    I appreciate all of your prayers! In the beginning, I just had to JUMP into the water. I thought I was drowning at first but I slowly am starting to dog paddle a little and my head is coming to the surface. I can feel God getting me ready to swim through this life and I am so excited!


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