Recorded Webinars



Introduction Night


October 10, 2013: Week 1 – Finding New Hope




October 17, 2013: Week 2 – Surrender to God




October 24, 2013: Week 3 – Food Addiction



November 7, 2013: Week 4 – Finding a Food Plan



November 14, 2013: Week 5 – Exercise: Sacrifice of Praise


December 4, 2013: Week 6 – A Godly Self Image


December 10, 2013: Week 7 – Victory Over Temptation 



December 19, 2013: Week 8 – The Illusion of Perfection 


January 2, 2014:
SPECIAL WEBINAR – Surrender 2014 to Jesus



January 9, 2014: Week 9 – Healthy Relationships 





Replay of 2012 Webinars







 Thank you so much for watching these webinars


7 thoughts on “Recorded Webinars”

  1. Hey, Heleen. Thanks for these webinars; the first two were great! Watching live is a great encouragement, and re-watching allows me to slow down, write all your points, and gives me things that can soak into my heart and mind. I listened to about 1/3 of Week 1’s lesson today, but was abruptly interrupted and had to stop. When I came back to my notes, it was as God was speaking directly to me. Here’s the last point I had written down, “Accept God’s love for you just the way you are right now and allow Him to motivate you to change.” WOW!

    A question or two and a suggestion or two:


    1. When I returned to re-watch the rest of the webinar, I could not ‘scroll’ over to 17.51 (or the spot I left off) which meant I must listen to the whole thing over again (in the hopes that I won’t be interrupted).

    2. Would you mind opening and closing each webinar with prayer?

    3. Do you view eating disorders as a mental illness? You mentioned a quote in the statistical section that went something like this: ‘[EDs–I’m not sure of the exact word(s) here] have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.”

    4. Can I still invite a friend or two? or more? I’m not sure if she (they) would come even if I invited her, but I wouldn’t want to invite her if the webinar is closed.

    5. Do you have any male students?

    I’m committing to overcoming bulimia with God’s help and with the support of on-line friends from Surrendered Hearts Ministry. Thanks!


    • Hi Mary
      Thank you for your suggestions, I will most certainly take them under consideration.

      As to your questions:

      No, I don’t believe that this is a mental illness, but rather a deeply ingrained habit and lifestyle that can at times feel like something more. The medical community does not have a solution except to prescribe drugs to treat some of the symptoms and to closely monitor individuals. Sadly these are only temporary solutions. To truly get to the root issue we need to repent from sin and allow God to renew our hearts and minds. In the webinar, I was merely referring to the statistic to make the point that food struggles (all of them) are affecting this generation hugely, and that we desperately need Jesus.

      Yes, you are always welcome to invite friends to the webinars Mary. Simply send them the link to the upcoming webinars so they can register or send them a link to the recorded webinars. These are free and open to the public.

      Yes, I do have a couple of guys who bought my program to use the Biblical principles in their own lives. They did so though with the understanding that it contains a lot of “girl talk” and they won’t have access to the forum. I wanted to keep the forum an environment where women can feel safe to talk about the issues that they’re dealing with. I hope to one day have a different section and forum for men and teenagers, but probably not anytime soon. Men are of course welcome to participate in the webinars and use any free information on my website.

      Praying for you as you walk out your journey Mary
      In His Love

  2. Thanks for your response, Heleen. I know your ‘plate’ is full, but then I would imagine that God’s blessings are overflowing in your life, too. I wanted to share how beneficial watching the webinar afterward helps me because I can take things slowly and pause often to get the information on paper. I also copy the ‘workbook’ pages and do them the best I can.

    Another matter of personal business ~ We’ve been having computer trouble at our house PLUS there are three school-aged young adults (two in university and one in high school) who NEED the computer for homework. So… what that means for me is sometimes I will miss the live webinar to make way for homework, other times I simply can’t get on the Internet, and the worse scenario of all is that I don’t want to hear/read these lessons because I want what I want. (I hate being this brutally honest.) Is your phone number listed just in case I need to contact you the old-fashioned way?

    Thanks for praying and for making this class so good and fun and glorifying to God.


  3. Hi Mary
    Sorry I’ve missed this question you posted. No, unfortunately I can only be contacted via email. I do have a phone number listed which goes to an answering machine in case someone wants to contact me by phone, but I am only able to reply via email.

    • Hi Mary Louise
      I’m not sure what’s going on, but try to open the website in a different browser. Internet Explorer is not always working so well with our website. Try opening in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and see if you can then view the webinars.

      Please let me know if you’re still having trouble so I can refer you to our technical team.

  4. Mistake on WEBINAR WEEK 6:

    Ladies I referred to a Scripture verse that’s on the first page of my website and quote it wrong. I said Micah 6:7, but it should be Micah 7:7-8.

    Thank you

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