God, will I ever be free from Eating Disorders?

God, will I ever be free from this Eating Disorder?

By Heleen Woest

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Good question!

I asked this about a million times. I wasn’t simply short on faith. I actually thought I had a pretty steady amount of faith.: I could believe for finances and even physical healing, yet, when it came to this eating disorder, I had nothing.

My faith wasn’t destroyed in a day either. No, the deterioration came over years. I prayed, I cried, I dieted, I planned, I took diet pills, I abused my body, I nourished my body, I exercised, I tried meditation, I ate only when really hungry, I went on fasts, I cut out carbs, I tried to ignore it all, I joined support groups, and I even got counseling for all my hang-ups and brokenness.

Still: Nothing.

This thing just wouldn’t budge. I spent so much money, time and energy on this struggle that it felt as if it became a part of me. Hence the question: Will I ever be free of my eating disorder!?

In my desperate search, I met others who did more: They had surgery, they had liposuction, they found treatment abroad, they joined televised competitions, they paid huge amounts to motivate themselves or were even paid to loose weight.

Still: Nothing.

What is this thing?
Why does it have such a death grip on our society?
So many women suffer from eating disorders, even though we refuse to be “labeled” as such. An Eating Disorder is defined as “The inability to eat in a normal, healthy way”. To starve oneself all week long, and binge over the weekend is neither normal nor healthy. To be on and off diets for twenty, thirty or forty years of our lives, is definitely not what God had in mind when He gave us food as nourishment for our bodies!

At some point I just couldn’t deny it anymore: I had an eating disorder, and it had me. I wanted to know “Will I ever be free from my eating disorder?
I asked God, I asked around, I read, I studied, I got some answers, and I’m sharing…

My life is not perfect, but it’s worth living again. I don’t fit in a number 2 jeans, but I’m not obsessed anymore. I have peace back, and JOY! Life is good, and God is awesome!

I created a website and developed a program for women struggling with food because I wanted to see women and moms find healing and freedom from the death grip of eating disorders. Women deal with so much, we have to be so strong for so many, and God gave us the ability to do these things and have amazing influence on the ones we love.
However, if you have an eating disorder you become only a fraction of the woman you can be …

Don’t listen to the enemy anymore. Even in your weak and depleted state you can be strong, if you put your hand in the hand of the One who loves you.
“With God all things are possible!” It really is true.

Your eating disorder is not too big for the God who created the Universe! You were just deceived into thinking that it is and that He doesn’t care…

He cares…

Listen… I want to take your hand and lead you back to the same simple truth: God is still God, and He alone can free you. Your faith can be restored in this area, you can hear the Holy Spirit call out your name and remind you… “You are the daughter of the King of all kings”

Come let me strengthen your faith as others did for me over the years. You can truly be free from your eating disorder. Take your first step on this journey today.

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