Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating Disorder Treatment

By Heleen Woest

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Should treatment for an eating disorder be along the same lines as that of treatment for substance abuse such as drugs and alcohol?

A number of psychiatrists and doctors believe that food addiction is at the heart of eating disorders. According to them some people are more susceptible to food addiction because of hereditary factors and genetic makeup than others, in similar ways that some people are more inclined to have a drug or alcohol addiction than their peers.

Others have written books about food allergies. They claim that when some people eat certain food (specifically the food they are allergic to) it causes them to spiral into a binge episode.

However, not everyone agrees. Some people argue that food addiction is only a small part of the bigger picture of eating disorders. Others shun the whole idea of food addiction and say that an eating disorder can not possibly be compared to something as severe as alcohol and drug addiction, where brain alterations occur.

There is still a lot of research going on surrounding this subject, so I guess time will tell what really happens biologically when people eat certain food.

Seeing that I am not a doctor or scientist, I don’t have a professional opinion about this.
However, I have observed and listened to the women who attended my support groups and from these observations as well as my own experience with eating disorders, I have to say this:
I can not recall that I met one lady with an eating disorder who didn’t have some family history of eating disorders or obesity. In most cases their children were already carrying the burden as well. This is heart breaking for most women, and one of the main reasons they are desperately looking for help; to help their children as well.

I know from doing my own informal research and lots of material out there, that eating disorders in families are also due to learned behavior.

However, I’ve seen skinny families marry into not-so skinny families and then you find that half of the children have a weight problem and half of them don’t. I have also seen families where the mother and father both have binge eating disorder and struggle with obesity and then they have a child that are not in the least bit interested in food and have no weight problem.
So, my personal opinion is that learned behavior TOGETHER with hereditary factors contribute to eating disorders.

I really do believe that some families are more susceptible to become addicted to certain types of food that contain some habit forming ingredients.
Just like some people can drink wine all their lives and never become alcoholics, I believe that some people can eat one helping of chocolate dessert, get up from the table and forget about it, while others can eat the same dessert, go for seconds, eat the rest of it in the kitchen and keep craving and eating sweets for the rest of the month.

So if there is a slight possibility, let alone scientific evidence, of eating disorders being linked to hereditary factors, wouldn’t it be irresponsible not to consider treating eating disorders along the same lines as other addictions?

All said: I do believe there is an addiction factor that we have to keep in mind, but I also believe that the struggle with food or Eating Disorders are much more complex than just bringing healing to the body.

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