Take Good Care of God’s Little Girl

You might remember my post a while back about my struggles to potty train and pacifier-wean my little girl. People kept telling me to relax, it will happen, and even though I’ve raised three kids before her, I was growing more skeptical as the weeks went by.

However, today I can testify with great joy that it happened…all of it! I can tell that my husband is just as relieved as I am because yesterday he came up behind me and gave me a big ol’ bear hug, saying “Thank you for taking such good care of our little girl”

Of course, this was super nice to hear and made me feel all warm and gooey inside, but it also made me feel strangely sad. I was sad because I felt God asking me ever so gently, in that special moment, if I was also taking good care of His other little girl: Heleen. I had to choke back the tears because I know that I’m not always a good steward of my own body, mind, and spirit.

When a woman just had a baby it’s almost “natural” to forget about her own needs and just focus on the needs of the baby. Most new moms find themselves exhausted and frazzled soon after that little person comes into their lives. However, at some point in time, when our kids are growing up, we realize that it’s time to take care of ourselves again.

Unfortunately, most women with eating disorders stay in that place of self-neglect and even self-abuse. Many times we are people, pleasers and perfectionists. We work our fingers to the bone for others and harm our own bodies in the process. We stay awake when others sleep, starve ourselves when others eat, work when others rest, and worry about things that others don’t even care about. Sadly many of us “treat” ourselves with junk food because we feel that it’s the only good thing we have. It might even be our own distorted way to take care of an otherwise depleted and deprived body.

Upon closer investigation and allowing the Holy Spirit to pinpoint some stuff, I became aware of the huge difference between how I treat my little girl and her mom (me).

I still eat food that I will never dream of giving to my little girl (unhealthy or no vitamins at all)
I watch much more TV than I would allow her to watch (adults don’t need lots of TV either:)
I don’t take naps even when I’m utterly exhausted
I don’t drink enough water
I go to bed way too late
I don’t take the time to play and laugh
I have no patience with myself and mercy for my own mistakes
I sometimes talk rudely to or about myself

Do you take good care of yourself? It doesn’t matter what your age, you are God’s little girl. He loves you with an everlasting love, and His eyes are on you every moment of your life.

Please note that I’m not suggesting you become self-focused and self-centered, goodness knows we have enough of that in our society. Of course, our focus should be on serving God and others. However, you can not be of any use to your children, your friends, and your ministry if you don’t take care of your very basic needs first.

Remember how Jesus called the disciples to get away with Him to eat, to rest, and to pray? There were a lot of sick, needy people around Jesus, but I believe He was showing us, through His own example, that we too should be diligent in taking care of our temporary houses of flesh, so that He can use us for His glory. If you listen closely you will hear the Holy Spirit voice encouraging you, counseling you and guiding you into what to do next that will be best for your whole person. I guess it all again boils down to SURRENDERING EVERY MOMENT OF OUR DAY, and consequently all of our lives,  to God. All it really takes is waiting, listening to His voice, and then, of course, doing what He tells you (obedience)

I encourage you to listen closely today and hear the gentle voice of God whispering…
“Take good care of my little girl”

Another daughter of the King

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3 thoughts on “Take Good Care of God’s Little Girl”

  1. Thank you this past 2 weeks I’ve really stuggled with wanting to be 10 lbs lighter, as I was when I was bulimic , but with Gods grace and your encouragement I plan to love the body god made for me

  2. Just wonderful. I was trying to tell my daughter this and then I got this post. I was able to hate it with her so thank you. I think the worst thing I do is speak badly about or to myself. My husband is demanding off good behavior from me…no weakness…he judges me when I do so I judge myself pretty badly. So this will help me again in that manner. Thanks for the reminder to love myself.

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