2010 – Your Year for Freedom!

The New Year is almost upon us, and I’m here to encourage you that this can be your year to break free from eating disorders and food addiction. I’m definitely not talking about another New Years resolution to lose weight that falls apart after a few days! No this can be your year to surrender this food struggle to God once and for all, but you have to be serious about taking it slow and giving it the whole of 2010…

Last year I lost 32 pounds, simply by following the 3 principals below. In fact when I turned briefly during the year to my “old ways” and took back “control” of my life by following a diet, I picked up some of those pounds again. I got panicky… I wanted to lose some weight before a certain “special occasion” and I found myself back in a downward spiral.. Fortunately I know by now what works and what doesn’t, so I got back to basics and peace returned to my life…

PLEASE HEAR THIS: When you have nothing to prove, no one to please, nowhere to go, and no specific reason to lose weight YOU ARE IN THE BEST PLACE FOR VICTORY. It’s in this place where we start doing things for the right reasons : A HEALTHY BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT! NOT TO LOSE WEIGHT!

So don’t do this because you want to lose a certain amount of weight before that June wedding. Rather commit to doing it God’s way because you want to be healthy for the rest of your life and go to every future wedding and celebration with the peace of God inside your heart, a glowing complexion, shiny hair and yes…the size dress your were supposed to wear…

I am committing to another year of doing 3 things every day to keep my body, mind and spirit healthy:
1. Spending time with God (for a healthy Spirit)
2. Exercise (to keep my body healthy)
3. Chase after my dreams (to keep my soul healthy)

I’m kicking it off with 40 days to make it a habit and other ladies are joining me on our members forum. If you’re not yet a member you might consider doing my first free week and see if this program might be for you.

You can also read this article that I re-posted and do it on your own. It is something you can start doing any time of the year and always get back to if you fall.

365 Days to Change your Life! (Re-post)
DON’T LET ANYBODY FOOL YOU. IN YOUR STRUGGLE WITH FOOD AND WEIGHT TIME IS EITHER YOUR FRIEND OR FOE. EVERY DAY COUNTS! Just think how quickly your next birthday or Christmas rolls around, while you still find yourself stuck.

All the promises that you can loose 20 pounds in 7 days are simply not true. Even if you find that “perfect” diet and loose 20 pounds in 30 days, it’s bound to backfire, leaving you with more weight in the end and an even slower metabolism.


I have been at that place where NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK! Even after I dealt with all my issues, I kept looking for ways to loose the extra weight I’ve gained over the years. It was a constant battle because after years of dieting my body was just not doing quite what it was suppose to.

So a while back I took up the challenge that I set before many ladies in my small groups and the ladies who joined my online membership site: GIVE IT ONE YEAR – 365 DAYS OF HEALTHY HABITS.

Now this way of eating has absolutely nothing to do with FOLLOWING A DIET. No food restrictions (except if you have a food addiction), no perfect eating required (a treat every now and then is okay) and especially no focus on weight loss!

It’s about changing your life AND ESPECIALLY YOUR HEALTH by consistently eating healthy EVERY DAY FOR ONE YEAR. It’s especially about making up your mind to not be side track by SLOW OR NO WEIGHT LOSS, STRESS, SICKNESS, HOLIDAYS, RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS AND A BUSY LIFE. These things are difficult, but I’m afraid it’s part of life, so you can not let it become your excuse. During this year it is important to COMMIT to CONSISTENTLY eat healthy NO MATTER WHAT!

Of course I knew this would benefit me, and sure enough it did. I lost weight, slowly, but I didn’t gain it back, even though I had a few “weak moments” of turning to junk food.

I also anticipated more energy, and sure enough, it happened.

However, there were other benefits that caught me totally by surprise. After eating vegetables with lean meats and fruit as the main course of every meal for about six months, I realized that while people around me got colds and illnesses, I didn’t. This was huge! We have a big family and as the mom I always got sick with my “patients”, but not anymore.

Another surprise in my gradual transformation: Cravings actually VANISHED!
Not in my wildest dreams would I ever have guessed that there would come a day that I would NOT WANT CAKE! After six months of eating some whole grain cereal and low fat milk when I had sweet cravings, I really STOPPED CRAVING SWEETS altogether. So yes, sometimes I still eat sweets there have been times when I got myself in a bind and had to go through a time of resisting again, but my body is now working with me not sabotaging me. Getting up after a short relapse is so much easier, because for the most part (at least 90% of the time) I eat healthy. Please note: You can fool others and even yourself, but you can not fool your body. If the food you eat is not truly healthy and in it’s purest form, I’m afraid nothing will change. I learned this the hard way:)

I also picked up the challenge to exercise CONSISTENTLY for one year. Not the kind of exercise where you work out like a maniac for 3 days and then take a break for three months (been there, done that). No, rather the kind where you exercise 5 to 6 times a week, NEVER MIND WHAT HAPPENS AND NEVER MIND HOW MEDIOCRE THE EFFORT!

I agree that merely walking slowly forever will not help much, but it is really the consistency that changes your life. After six months, I wanted to up my efforts. I was tired of walking on the treadmill, I wanted to start running! I never thought I would actually like exercise. However this would never have happened if I didn’t FIRST make it a part of my life. Make no mistake I felt sorry for myself EVERY DAY FOR THE FIRST THREE MONTHS and I called out to God every day to help me because I was not going to make it. Guess what, He did, and I am so glad I didn’t give up!

Come on girl, take up the challenge! Consistency in your Spiritual life WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE TOO!

I always thought that this “pray-and-read-your-Bible” every day was just a legalistic thing that we don’t really have to obey. Turns out, we don’t have to, but just like healthy food, it can transform our lives. Sure it might not feel good at first, and it might get “boring” after a month or so, but if you keep at it you will not believe what it will add to your life.

Every day the enemy, the world and the people around us pin “things” to our lives. We get saddled with stress, loneliness, pride, responsibilities and temptations. Imagine yourself walking around with those things, and getting more piled on for a month or a year without being washed by the water of the Word or letting Jesus heal your broken heart with His Word and by his Spirit. It’s unhealthy, like eating junk food for a year. It clogs your spiritual arteries and it leaves you depleted and sick. TIME IN GOD’S PRESENCE AND IN HIS WORD IT’S NOT FOR GOD’S BENEFIT, IT’S FOR US!

Eating healthy, exercising and most importantly, spending time in God’s presence are gifts He gave us. However, the enemy blinds our eyes and the eyes of the people around us so that we believe those gifts are burdens.




If I could do it dear friend, so can you! I’m just another girl like you with a lot of issues, but we have an awesome God!



Love, Heleen

A Christmas Miracle for You…

IMGP1252 - Copy-1_115x250A little Christmas miracle came my way! My 3 year old daughter had her first Christmas “performance” but during the dress rehearsal  she refused to be an angel or go on stage. I was certain that we had to wait another year. However on Sunday morning when it was show-time, she was up there with the dress, the wings, the smile, and even a few hand motions. Don’t you just love these moments? Tokens of God’s love for sure…

I do realize that this little miracle of mine might seem tiny in comparison to the huge miracle you need from God in your life right now. So let’s talk about it for a second:

What’s going on in your life?
Do you need a miracle of healing in your body?
Do you need God to perform a miracle in your marriage or your finances?
How about a miracle of deliverance from food, alcohol, pornography or drugs?
Maybe you’re stuck in a “prettier addiction” such as shopping, TV, internet or gossip.

God is calling you, just as you are. You might be dealing with incredible pain, shame, or anxiety at this very moment. You might have just eaten so much food that you are in physical pain. Maybe you just purged and you feel shame hanging like a cloak around your shoulders. Maybe you are past all these feelings and you just feel a great numbness inside of you…

Seriously, God is waiting for you! He saw everything you did and He is still waiting and calling…

The voices of condemnation, guilt and shame that you hear are not of God but from the enemy who wants to destroy you (John10:10)

I would like to remind you today of our Father’s heart. The parable in Luke 15 about the prodigal son gives us a peek into the heart of our heavenly father. He is looking for you, waiting for you to return to Him. He doesn’t insist that you first clean up your act or that you get rid of your filth before you come to Him. On the contrary, when He sees you taking the first few steps, He will run to you with open arms, welcoming you and showering you with love.

Please don’t try to first get “better” before you come to God. It’s the enemy’s age old trick to keep us in bondage.

It is only in God’s presence that we are cleaned and changed. You can not change yourself, but He has all the power to heal your broken heart and help you change the habits and addictions you’ve picked up to numb the pain. Better yet… He wants to heal the pain you are trying to numb…

Listen to what the Amplified Bible says about the father of the prodigal son:
“So he got up and came to his [own] father. But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was moved with pity and tenderness [for him]; and he ran and embraced him and kissed him [fervently]” (Luke 15:20)(emphasis mine)

Do you see that the father was moved with pity and tenderness! Our heavenly Father has that same pity and tenderness towards us every time we come to Him, even in our filthy state. This might not be the first time you come to Him, but PLEASE don’t stop coming.

I found freedom from bulimia when I started crying out to God EVERY TIME I was binging or purging. I would cry and tell Him how bad I felt about myself, how ashamed I was, and how I needed Him to help me. He heard, He took pity on me, and drew me close to his heart with tenderness. You are his child too, He has no favorites, He wants to do the same for you!

I pray that you will experience a Christmas miracle right from the hand of our Father. He wants to give you the miracle of life in that place of your heart where you now experience only death. The best part, you don’t have to do anything to earn this miracle… simply turn to God…

Just run to Him my dear friend. Jesus came so you can be free (Isaiah 61)

Isaiah 6:9 (NKJV)

For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Merry Christmas to all you amazing women of God!
Love, Heleen

PS: If you need additional help during this very difficult time, please download my free ebook “God will I ever be free” or sign up for the first free week of my 12 Week Online Program

One day I’ll be a Beautifull Butterfly…

40_105I wonder if I’m the only one who tend to quote the caterpillar in A Bug’s Life? “One day I’ll be a beautiful butterfly and then everything will be better”

This attitude is quite human but it’s also a very dangerous way of living. Most people with eating disorders tend to not live in the present.

For people who struggle with food everything good will happen in the future when they lose weight. “As soon as we lose weight we will buy better clothes, go to women’s retreats, reach out to friends, and launch our ministries.” Sounds familiar?

We really find ourselves in a vicious cycle because unfortunately we also disconnect from our bodies and we don’t live in the present with our eating. So we convince ourselves that we are going to start to exercise and eat healthy after Christmas, after our birthday, after this cold spell, or after this stressful situation.

Putting life off like that is in fact putting off living! TODAY IS ALL WE HAVE!
Look at your day today and you have a glimpse of your future… so if you want a different future it has to start today!

Now for the question that might be on your mind: WHAT IF I CAN’T CHANGE?!
This is a valid question. Some of us have become so strangled in our food struggle that we really don’t have the ability to turn today or our future around.

However, there is ONE thing you can change today: How you spend your time.
If you start making time for God, RIGHT NOW, you will discover the driving force behind change.   Permanent change is only possible through the Power of the Holy Spirit. The one thing you can change today is to find a quiet place and pray this simple prayer “Lord I want to love you with my whole heart, soul, mind and strength, but I don’t. Please teach me how to love you in such a way that you will become everything to me”

Then do your part today by getting your hands on a good Bible Study and get in the Word. NOT TOMORROW – TODAY!

One thing I keep repeating to myself, so my ears can hear it and the devil can hear it too: TODAY MATTERS! TODAY I WILL WORSHIP MY GOD! AND TODAY HE WILL HELP ME CHANGE!

Start living in the present dear sister and take back you life!

With love from an ex-caterpillar:)

Bring God into the Gym!

capture12 (2)How are you doing with exercise this time of year?
It’s brutal, I know! It’s cold, there’s shopping to be done, and exercise is probably the last thing on your mind.

A word of warning though: It might not be such a good idea to abandon your sneakers all together this time of year. Even if you just get moving a few times over the month of December, it’s MUCH BETTER THAN STOPPING! To start all over again is difficult, and I can guarantee you that January will be a much easier month, with less guilt, depression, and anxiety if you just keep moving a little now.

Resist those thoughts of “Oh it’s not worth it! I only got to go once this week. What difference does it make? I’ll try again next month.”

Most Importantly: Don’t keep God out of it! Invite Him to help you. Most ladies with food struggles have a really hard time to exercise consistently. So be encouraged that you’re NOT alone in this. Lots of other ladies are resisting the temptation to just sit in front of the  TV and eat this very minute. God made our bodies to move in order for it  to function at peak physical, spiritual and emotional levels. Exercise helps with everything! It curbs cravings, depression and low self esteem to only mention a few.

So when you talk to God,  don’t forget to mention exercise. Ask Him to help you connect with your body again. Ask Him what you can do to get active. Ask Him how, when, and where. You will be surprised how practical our God is. He knows you. He knows about all your excuses, and more importantly, He knows how to help you bust those excuses so that you can get healthy. You need an exercise for the long haul, not one you can use only as a temporary solution.

Here’s a few suggestions of how to bring God into this area of your life:

  • Drag your stationary bike over to the TV and watch a praise and worship DVD while you exercise
  • Why not peddle that bike while Beth or Joyce is on TV early in the morning ? (talk about a double blessing:)
  • Make exercise-time your prayer-time! Prayer is the one thing you can do anywhere!
  • Take your note cards for a hike and read the Word out loud while you walk, it can turn into a praise and worship session for sure!
  • Put that ipod/iphone on your Christmas list and listen to worship music or audio books at the gym (how about listening to one of your favorite Bible teachers?)

So why not surrender your physical wellness as well?

Please share your favorite “God-Exercise-Combo” with us on here or on the Forum!

Loving God and Life!