Bring God into the Gym!

capture12 (2)How are you doing with exercise this time of year?
It’s brutal, I know! It’s cold, there’s shopping to be done, and exercise is probably the last thing on your mind.

A word of warning though: It might not be such a good idea to abandon your sneakers all together this time of year. Even if you just get moving a few times over the month of December, it’s MUCH BETTER THAN STOPPING! To start all over again is difficult, and I can guarantee you that January will be a much easier month, with less guilt, depression, and anxiety if you just keep moving a little now.

Resist those thoughts of “Oh it’s not worth it! I only got to go once this week. What difference does it make? I’ll try again next month.”

Most Importantly: Don’t keep God out of it! Invite Him to help you. Most ladies with food struggles have a really hard time to exercise consistently. So be encouraged that you’re NOT alone in this. Lots of other ladies are resisting the temptation to just sit in front of the  TV and eat this very minute. God made our bodies to move in order for it  to function at peak physical, spiritual and emotional levels. Exercise helps with everything! It curbs cravings, depression and low self esteem to only mention a few.

So when you talk to God,  don’t forget to mention exercise. Ask Him to help you connect with your body again. Ask Him what you can do to get active. Ask Him how, when, and where. You will be surprised how practical our God is. He knows you. He knows about all your excuses, and more importantly, He knows how to help you bust those excuses so that you can get healthy. You need an exercise for the long haul, not one you can use only as a temporary solution.

Here’s a few suggestions of how to bring God into this area of your life:

  • Drag your stationary bike over to the TV and watch a praise and worship DVD while you exercise
  • Why not peddle that bike while Beth or Joyce is on TV early in the morning ? (talk about a double blessing:)
  • Make exercise-time your prayer-time! Prayer is the one thing you can do anywhere!
  • Take your note cards for a hike and read the Word out loud while you walk, it can turn into a praise and worship session for sure!
  • Put that ipod/iphone on your Christmas list and listen to worship music or audio books at the gym (how about listening to one of your favorite Bible teachers?)

So why not surrender your physical wellness as well?

Please share your favorite “God-Exercise-Combo” with us on here or on the Forum!

Loving God and Life!


2 thoughts on “Bring God into the Gym!”

  1. Well, I can\’t complain about it being too cold to exercise here in FL…more like it\’s too hot! It\’s absolutely PERFECT walking weather right now…early mornings are great for me.
    I know for some people, it can be helpful to find a walking group or partner…helps with the accountability as well. But, if that is an option, be sure to find someone who is at the same pace as you are so you aren\’t either walking too slow or struggling to keep up!
    My 8 year old daughter gets up at 5:30 several mornings a week and asks me if I am ready to go…makes it kind of hard to turn her down.

  2. Thank you for this post Heleen. I did not go to the gym for a whole week now and I suppose you wrote this just for me as God spoke to me very clearly.

    I am going back on Monday!!!

    Thank you!

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