I Challenge you to stay “sober” this Holiday Season!

The above title does not refer to alcohol consumption over the holidays (although it’s not a bad idea) but rather a challenge to stay “sober” in your quest for freedom from Food Addiction.

If you have this problem I don’t have to convince you that binging on high fat and sugary food for a few months (the holiday season) can have serious repercussions. Weight gain, depression and strain on relationships are only a few of the side affects. In fact some people end up in the hospital with serious health issues while others isolate themselves from society and experience severe depression because of the shame that is somehow felt more acute this time of year.

Please take the challenge that I’m extending to you. It’s two days after Halloween and you might have already dipped your hand in the candy bowl, but it’s not too late.

The new year is not the best time to turn this ship around: Right now is the best time for you, please believe me!

Please note that I am not talking about going on a diet! We all know by now that diets don’t work. No, find a program that can set you on the right track and change your life for good. I offer a 12 Week Online Program that can be of great help to you during the holidays, but there are also lots of other great programs out there.

Hear me on this one: EXERCISE IS ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST ALLIES THIS TIME OF YEAR! Consider joining a gym or find a friend who wants to walk with you.  Ask God for wisdom in this area. You will find yourself come up with any excuse possible, but remember IT IS JUST EXCUSES. You need exercise now more than ever. Don’t let the enemy fool you by telling you it makes no difference. People who exercise for at least 30 minutes a day have less cravings and are much more motivated to make healthier food choices.

All of this said: This time of year might be terribly sad and lonely for you and food might be your only friend. However, this “friend’ is false and will turn on you to pull you deeper into a pit of despair. Start reaching out to God and to other people today. Please ask for help, find a group, find a Bible study and find healing. Don’t try and fix this yourself, it’s too difficult!

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Come on this can be the first year of many where you have a “sober” holiday season.  A Thanksgiving full of  joy and thankfulness. A Christmas where you enjoy loved ones and God’s presence without the “brain fog” of overeating weighing you down. It can be a holiday season without the physical pain of overeating and without depression knocking at your door.

I dare you to take the challenge! Come on dear sister, you know you want it… a sober Christmas! Jesus came to set the captives free, that includes every person struggling with eating disorders and food addiction

Lots of love


PS: If you are a paid member of my program then please have a look at our new Forum at the Member’s Area. There is a challenge on there for you, and we will be encouraging each other throughout the Holiday season.

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