One day I’ll be a Beautifull Butterfly…

40_105I wonder if I’m the only one who tend to quote the caterpillar in A Bug’s Life? “One day I’ll be a beautiful butterfly and then everything will be better”

This attitude is quite human but it’s also a very dangerous way of living. Most people with eating disorders tend to not live in the present.

For people who struggle with food everything good will happen in the future when they lose weight. “As soon as we lose weight we will buy better clothes, go to women’s retreats, reach out to friends, and launch our ministries.” Sounds familiar?

We really find ourselves in a vicious cycle because unfortunately we also disconnect from our bodies and we don’t live in the present with our eating. So we convince ourselves that we are going to start to exercise and eat healthy after Christmas, after our birthday, after this cold spell, or after this stressful situation.

Putting life off like that is in fact putting off living! TODAY IS ALL WE HAVE!
Look at your day today and you have a glimpse of your future… so if you want a different future it has to start today!

Now for the question that might be on your mind: WHAT IF I CAN’T CHANGE?!
This is a valid question. Some of us have become so strangled in our food struggle that we really don’t have the ability to turn today or our future around.

However, there is ONE thing you can change today: How you spend your time.
If you start making time for God, RIGHT NOW, you will discover the driving force behind change.   Permanent change is only possible through the Power of the Holy Spirit. The one thing you can change today is to find a quiet place and pray this simple prayer “Lord I want to love you with my whole heart, soul, mind and strength, but I don’t. Please teach me how to love you in such a way that you will become everything to me”

Then do your part today by getting your hands on a good Bible Study and get in the Word. NOT TOMORROW – TODAY!

One thing I keep repeating to myself, so my ears can hear it and the devil can hear it too: TODAY MATTERS! TODAY I WILL WORSHIP MY GOD! AND TODAY HE WILL HELP ME CHANGE!

Start living in the present dear sister and take back you life!

With love from an ex-caterpillar:)

7 thoughts on “One day I’ll be a Beautifull Butterfly…”

  1. I have been hearing people say, “She’ll never change” all around me over the last few years mostly from people who have no knowledge of the Holy Spirit, let alone His power. Your statement, Heleen, “Permanent change is only possible through the Power of the Holy Spirit” makes my heart leap! There is so much “hopetimism” (a word I stole from a friend) and freedom in that statement! Let us never forget it is God who is working in us, giving us the desire and the power to do what pleases him. Phil 2:13 NLT. There is absolutely NOTHING that can comfort us like the promises of God, found in His word. We can hang onto these promises as the finest treasures we will ever possess on this earth…because they are!
    I know I will come back to this article many times because God is indeed showing me how vital it is for me to stay in the nowhere…now here. I find it very ‘ironic’ (yeah, right!) that I am reading about this very thing…living in the present, the now a book by Brennan Manning called, “Ruthless Trust.” God is good! He keeps giving us road signs along our journey’s way that say, “Keep moving ahead Daughter, you are on the right path.”

  2. Thanks Heleen another great message that I can so relate to. I started seeking God almost three months ago daily Monday-Friday and although my weight hasn’t changed much yet I am falling in love with Jesus all over again. I found your site and joined. I think this is just one more place God wants me to be. Thanks and I appreciate you stepping out and teaching us women.

    Love in Him,

  3. Wow Heleen, so true, and so inspiring!! That ‘one day’ never comes because while we hide again today dreaming, in our little cocoon of unfilled dreams and empty promises, we do not lay them aside in complete surrender to Jesus today so He can bring His butterflies out of the cocoon! Jesus told those who would be His disciples to leave their nets and follow Him today! You’ve given such a beautiful picture that we are to leave the false pride of our belief that we are in control ‘only tomorrow’, behind us, and follow Jesus today if we want to become that butterfly tomorrow. It is the consistencey that you teach us in your wonderful ministry,of being before the Lord each day hiding His word in our hearts that will free all these butterflies to fly! Thanks Heleen, bless you bless you bless you!!!

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