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  1. Heleen, from watching this video I can see that when you highlighted one of the Week 1, Week 2 choices, etc., thegray box with the A,B,C choices appeared over the other test such as the Member Detail box; however, on mine they appear BEHIND those words, therefore making it impossible to click on the A choice and difficult to click on the others.

  2. Hi Cindie

    I’ve opened the website in all sorts of browsers to see if we may have this problem in other browsers, but the site displays fine in all the browsers that I’ve tested (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc)

    I want to get to the bottom of this for you Cindie, so you can enjoy the program. I have not had this complaint from anyone else, and currently a lot of women are using the site actively every day. So I think the problem might be with your browser.

    Which browsers are you using?

    You might want to make sure that it’s the latest version (eg, if you use Internet Explorer make sure that you’re downloaded one of the latest versions)

    Also click on “Tools” at the very top of your computer screen (way above the website) and make sure that your settings are on the default.

    If you don’t know how to do any of this, I can send you a tech form that will pull the info from your site so I can help you better Cindie. Fault finding on the computer is actually something my husband and I work with every day Cindie (we are webdesigners) so I want to work with you until we have this resolved.

    IS ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCING THESE PROBLEMS? Please let me know so we can sort it out for you.

  3. Heleen, if possible , I would like to start over. I did absolutly nothing with weeks one and two. Please email concernig this.

  4. Help I can’t remember my password!! When I click on the link in the email to reset it sends me back to the forgot my password page and won’t let me reset a new password

  5. unable to login due to lost password , when i click on link that has been e-mailed me,keeps taking me back to same page ,could you please confirm ,thank you

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