This little mind of mine, I’m gonna…

…well I wish I knew what I’m suppose to do with it: Little mind, big problem. My mind is not that big in comparison to, well a lot of other things! However, this mind of mine can wreak havoc.

Some people say you have to think positive: Good idea, if you can keep it up.
Others say you have to fill your mind with the Word of God: Good idea, if you remember to do it.
Others say that you simply have to take charge of that run-away mind: Been there, done that, doesn’t work so well.
Others say you have to keep busy, because idleness can get you in trouble: Definitely some truth to that, only, it’s not always possible to stay busy. What about when sickness strikes or unemployment.

To tell the truth, sometimes I just want to wallow in my negative thoughts for a while, and nobody or nothing will stop me. However, I know through trial and error that if I let this go on for a few hours or a few days I could get in serious trouble. Life is hard and if we sit down and count our sorrows, we will quickly have a truckload full. The danger is to stay in that place. It can cause serious depression.

It’s really like that for many different things in life. It’s not about falling into the trap of overeating that sets us up for another bout with eating disorders. No, it’s in the staying down. If we repent, forgive ourselves and try again we can move on quickly. It’s when we listen to the enemy’s lies in that moment, and believe me he will never just feed you one little lie. No, he will pile on self loathing, guilt, sorrow and self pity. If you give in to it, life can start spinning out of control very fast.

I am tempted every day to go the route of negative thinking, and I’m sure so are you. The only thing that helps me: Consistent time with God and talking candidly with other human beings who experience the same stuff. Every day I ask myself: Why do I do this Bible study and prayer thing again? Isn’t it just a legalistic religious formality? Or I wonder if it’s truly necessary to put time into friendships and invest in other people’s lives. But then the enemy attacks my mind with negative thoughts and accusations, and I know again why I do what I do…

Just one word from Scripture can give me new hope. Just one laugh with a girl friend can pick me up and make me think that this life is not so bad after all…

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