The Glue of our Lives

Ever noticed that we have a certain “glue” that keeps our lives together? Yes, we know that God is the ultimate “glue” that keeps everything together, but what I’m referring to is the glue that He gave to us to help Him make a beautiful work of art out of our lives.

Now, the part where the arts and crafts get a little tricky: Our glue does not come in identical Elmers bottles. Mine is very different from yours and what keeps my life together might leave yours in pieces.

What on earth am I babbling about?
I’m talking about the purpose, dreams, desires, and talents God issued to us individually. You see those are the things we are suppose to keep alive, cultivate, prune and water every day. So what is the glue: The things we put in place daily to eventually get to a dream, a desire a Godly calling is the glue that keeps us together.

I’ve figured out, after almost 40 years on this planet what my particular glue consists of. I actually have a very easy formula, nothing glamorous, and something actually quite attainable for the average human being. Some of my ingredients might actually be similar to yours, in fact I am convinced that one ingredient is part of everybody’s glue. So here goes:

Time alone with God, exercise, and making time to write something

Simple isn’t it? Or is it?
Would you believe me if I tell you that those are the most difficult things for me to get done, every day of my life. Step 1, 2 and 3. So easy, so doable, yet so impossible for me at times. It’s not even that I try and do it in a certain way, or at certain times, or legalistically in a certain order. No, I just try and get it done, because I know, without a shadow of a doubt that it keeps my life together. Yet, somehow, it’s always a battle.

I know why too. I’m in a battle. I have an enemy. Me, being on this earth, living at this time is not an accident. There is a reason I’m here, there is something I must do, there are some people I should love and some experiences I should be part of. A masterpiece is being created, one that can only be appreciated by the Master Artist of all time. All He asks of me is to add the glue, not perfectly, not even evenly, but it needs to be added to have a beautiful end result.

So never mind how many times I’m tempted to cast it all in the wind, give up, throw out the glue and make my own paste, I always return to the Master Artist for a new bottle of glue. He’s eyes are always smiling, reassuring me that I am forgiven and that He is proud of me for taking up the job as his apprentice, yet again. And then, immediately, peace returns and joy floods over me…