A Special Story about Depression


I wanted to direct you to a Blog that I love. This lady’s name is Sandy Cooper and she writes amazing blogs from the heart, that will make you cry and laugh. She is currently sharing her story of struggling with depression and I thought it might be something that one of you precious ladies really needed to hear. Her honesty is simply refreshing!

I know some of you have heard this in my Program but let me say it again: If you are struggling with food addiction or an eating disorder then you HAVE TO SEE A PHYSICIAN. It is very important to find out how the years of struggling with food affected your health and what you can do about it. Lack of necessary nutrition over a period of time can cause depression in itself. Some ladies can not get a hold of their lives (and their food addiction) because depression is present and they haven’t dealt with it.

Unfortunately, as Sandy and other people point out, depression has a stigma especially in Christian circles. So we will do any and everything to not be associated with the “happy pills”. However, if this is what your body needs, nothing else will help. If you talk to your doctor you will get more information on depression and the things that cause it, including hereditary factors. This might be the eye opener you need.

Many ladies with eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia have type A personalities. Perfectionism is a big battle for these ladies and their biggest pain comes from trying to get “control” over their weight at all cost. To not have “control” over their emotions as well is simply unthinkable, so they will try everything they can to beat the sadness themselves.

Believe me, I am not judging, I’ve walked this road myself and it’s not easy to let go of the control, surrender to God, and get the help you need. But it has to be done if you want to LIVE and have life in abundance.

Please go read Sandy’s series “God speaks through the storm, it will bless you!

5 thoughts on “A Special Story about Depression”

  1. Hi Heleen
    Thank you I will go check it out. I always wonder how much of my overeating maybe has to do with depression. I have not bought your course yet, but I love you blog and I got the first free week. I am slowly making progress, but I do feel down a lot. Maybe I will email you more another time.

  2. I just joined your Program and already God is dealing with my heart. Thank you, thank you! to you and to God. I think you are right and there is some depression issues involved with eating disorders. I have been on medication for depression for a long time now, but I did not yet deal with the root of it. I hope that this time will be my time to get to the bottom of it all. Thanks again. Jen

  3. Heleen:

    Thanks so very, very much for sending people my way. I never have had an eating disorder, but I could see how the two would be related, especially with the strong tendency to control. I have certainly struggled with that aspect of depression. It just never manifested in me through my eating.

    As this series continues I’m going to address many aspects of depression, not just the biochemical part (which is the part antidepressants help.) The environmental, emotional, physical, spiritual, hereditary…

    In fact, my therapist is going to guest post on this topic from a clinical perspective.

    You are doing a wonderful thing here on this site and with your program. So glad we connected.


  4. I never thought that all this stuff can be connected. I love your blogs, it sure sounds like my life. I am thinking of joining your program. I signed up for the free week and I like how your course deals with the body, soul and spirit. Thanks

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