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    • Hi Anja
      The webinar will start every Monday evening at 7pm (Pacific time). We started late this one time because I had technical difficulties, which I have now straightened out.
      Don’t worry if you miss it though, we will always have the recorded webinar available afterwards.

  1. Hi ladies!
    I’m here answering your questions in real time:) Is anybody here? and do you have any questions for me about the webinar you’ve just watched?

    Also, let’s quickly see who will receive an APPETITE FOR FREEDOM BOOK in the mail… Please type here how many ladies you have brough to the webinar tonight so we can start looking for a winner:)

      • Joy, you can maybe send out an email to your friends and hear who was on here tonight. Please email me with the number. I will also find out tomorrow on the forum how many ladies have brought on guests. The free book might just be coming your way:)

    • Thank you Heleen for this wonderful webinar! I look so forward to walking through it AND promoting it to other ladies. So many eating disorders are present in my family and WOW, the generational curses MUST be broken. Ready to tackle this head on in surrender with my Lord and Savior whom I love …

      • You’re so welcome ReAnn! I’m so glad that God is bringing you to a place of surrendering your struggle to Him. He truly is the only answer for this huge struggle in our generation.

    • Hi Ronnie
      No the material didn’t change that much, but it is the same as my new study “Appetite for Freedom”. That means it’s more condensed, in easier 5 Day format, and more user friendly. Also, I have recorded brand new videos as I have grown in my own journey and wanted to have more face-to-face videos for you ladies.

      Week 1 will be available tomorrow morning and then I will keep updating it week by week (every Tuesday morning). The index format has changed quite a bit, so I wanted to give ladies who are in the program right now the opportunity to finish with the old program.

  2. Kathy asked:
    “people say I just need more self-control, what do you think?”

    Kathy, those comments usually come from people who mean well but don’t really understand what you’re dealing with. It is true that we need more self control, but it is part of the fruit of the Spirit, and should never be confused with will-power. You may have thought for years that you should just try harder and have more will power. This is such a path of defeat though, because the more you try the deeper you sink. This is why I want to encourage you through these webinars and my program that by growing closer to God, you will see more of the fruit of the Spirit show up in your life. This might be impossible for you, BUT IT IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE FOR GOD!

    • Hi Mary
      Instructions will all be on the MEMBERS FORUM tomorrow morning. The new format of the program has 5 days of work and videos, and then I will pose discussion questions on the members forum. So you just have to login tomorrow morning and you will know exactly what to do:)

    • Hi Anita
      No worries, I had to play a back-up recording I made earlier this afternoon because of tons of technical difficulties. I will send out a link tomorrow morning to everybody so they can listen to it again.

  3. Mary asked
    “What is your opinion of OA and the 12-steps (for Christians)”

    I am aware of the strong stance against 12 Steps Programs, and although my program has nothing to do with the 12 Steps, I do have some positive personal experience in this area. I have lead Celebrate Recovery Groups for women with food struggles for a season and found that it can remain “God focused” and “freedom focused” if it’s not an ongoing”recovery” group.

    Our groups only ran for a year, and helped women with the physical ramifications of a food struggle. Many of them weighed far over 300 pounds and the huge amounts of sugar and fat most of these ladies consumed daily made it impossible for them to focus on anything but food. They had to remove the “drug” or “crutch” if you will before being able to even think straight, let alone pick up a Bible. The accountability and encouragement that these groups offered helped the ladies immensely to get through the difficult few months of withdrawal (irritability, depression, fatigue etc) and renewal of their minds.

    However, most 12 Steps programs are done in the manner of ongoing “recovery” which is not Biblical. I developed my program because I was not satisfied with what the 12 Step Programs (even the Christian ones) had to offer.

    I ONLY recommend this as a tool, in the same way the Forum in my Online Program is just a tool, and should not become another “crutch” that you pick up. I believe that once we’ve surrendered our struggle to God He will use anything, including a group like this, lead by a strong Christian who acknowledges that God is the only true healer and that the work He has begun in us, He will bring to completion. However, I can not deny that this is not the norm for most of these groups.

    So if you consider joining a support group, please remember that forging a new relationship with Jesus where you surrender all of your life to the Holy Spirit’s control, MUST REMAIN YOUR MAIN FOCUS. PEOPLE CAN NOT SET YOU FREE!! JESUS IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE ONLY TRUE SOURCE OF FREEDOM AND HEALING FOR YOU.

    • I missed the session because I miscalculated the time. But, I will be here next week. I am struggling with such unbelief. It’s so strong that it is choking me. It consumed me while you were talking. I think that will be a big struggle for me. God forgive me for my unbelief. I’ve done 7 weeks of your program, but I seemed to come up to a brick wall. I fell into binging and depression big time. I pulled away from God, stopped reading the word and struggled to pray for even 5 minutes. I’m scared that it’ll happen again and will be worse.

      • Oh Colleen my heart goes out to you! It is so difficult to keep pushing forward if we encounter attacks by the enemy and difficult circumstances. I do want to encourage you though that submitting to God is the only way according to the Bible to send the enemy running. I would love to talk to you more off-line, but I just want to encourage you to try again, don’t give up. Remember Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good,for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Please don’t give up Colleen.

  4. Hi Heleen, Thanks for inviting me to the webinar. I look forward to taking this journey again. My dr. wants me to have a stomach band put on to help me loose weight. My thoughts are that the surgery will be a waste because I eat for emotional reasons. I just want to be free from this thing

    • I hope I’m not out of line replying to you, but you are right that the surgery will not “cure” us, Lesley, but it can be a tool. I was dying from my obesity so I had the vertical sleeve gastrectomy done and have lost 134 lbs and still struggle w the emotional side of eating (like right now I am squirming because I want to eat (I could go on and on about why…)) but my diabetes is gone and my walking has improved and I am off of blood thinner meds…I praise God for a wonderful Christian surgeon who helped me with this.

      • I agree Joy, God can use different tools in our lives (programs, surgery, etc) if we surrender it to Him and also allow Him to change our hearts. Unfortunately I have also seen people gain back all their weight even after surgery. So it’s only a tool, not a cure for our hearts, but I sure am grateful for those tools.

  5. Thank you for this webinar… I have a difficult time surrendering to God – trust issues. How can I fully surrender without fear?

    Also, do we go to the 12 week online program and do that until next week’s webinar?

    • Hi Dee
      Please read my free book “God will I ever be free” to learn more about my journey of surrender and what it meant to me. You will find it in the top navigation or footer of this website

      Yes, I will post the new week tonight, so you can just login tomorrow morning and start going through week 1 Dee. Be sure to login on the forum and join our discussions. I will have the discussion page for Week 1 on there tomorrow morning as well.

  6. Joy asked
    “How do you reconcile the fact that we sin daily even once we are saved and the pure grace of God which is always offered to us but you say we fall so in love w Jesus that we won\’t need the idol food anymore? What about the other idols in our lives and the tendency of every sinner/saint to still break that commandment even after being madly in love w Jesus and surrendering over and over for many years?”

    I wholeheartedly believe in God’s grace and that His mercies are new for us every morning. I am so grateful for that! I don’t meant to use falling in love with Christ as a magic wand at all. It doesn’t mean that we will never pick up another idols or even food again. We might again pull away from our first love for a period of time. The hope that I have, and that I’ve experienced myself, is that women who have experienced the satisfaction and peace in loving God above all else, will time and time again be pulled back to that place, and that by “searching after God with all their hearts” they will indeed find Him as the Bible indicates. This pursuit of relationship with God helps us grow further away from the pit and closer to God. We will obviously not experience heaven on this side of the grave, but we sure can have “life in abundance” in the surrendered life.

  7. To surrender to God, do I just pray a lot and read scripture. I have been folloing Jesus for a long time and living in the Spirit and it is hard to believe I still struggle so much with alll of this

    • Hi Rosaree
      Please read my free book “God will I ever be free” to learn more about my journey of surrender and what it meant to me. You will find it in the top navigation or footer of this website, you may download it for free. I explain surrender in-depth and also refer to all the Scripture references in that ebook.

    • Hi Cindy
      I think it means a lot to women because others comment with words of encouragement and support. However, it could also hurt your feelings if no one responds back (this happens purely by accident at times I’m sure). I do however think that keeping a personal journal is extremely helpful, and I will be discussing this in more detail in Week 1 actually:) The reason for this is that you see your own progress and writing down truth from God’s Word on paper has a far greater impact than just reading it.

    • Hi Joy

      I’m not a Scholar of Theology and do not claim to be one either, so I will never say that I know anything for certain, and I’m always open to correction by those who know more than I:)

      However my program has been edited and reviewed by Biblical scholars and these verses might give you an indication of why I believe the way I do…

      1 Corinthians 6:10-11 “nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”


      Galatians 5 is a good indicator that God wants us to crucify the desires of the flesh and turn from sin. Yes it doesn’t mean that we will never sin again, but it means that we should move forward on this journey, not stay stuck in a pit of despair. This of course can ONLY be done by a moment by moment surrender to the Holy Spirit.
      Gal 5:16: “So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.”

      As far as the passage in Romans 7, I often refer to that passage, because it is a clear indication of the fact that “those things that are impossible with man is POSSIBLE WITH GOD”. Paul speaks candidly about his struggle with the flesh and that trying to “do better” by ourselves will always fail. But he ends if off by saying “Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death? Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!” My whole teaching resides on this very important fact that WE CAN NOT DO IT BY OURSELVES, BUT THAT IT IS INDEED POSSIBLE TO BE FREE FROM OUR FOOD STRUGGLE THROUGH SURRENDERING IT TO GOD, SO THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT CAN PERFORM IT IN AND THROUGH US!

  8. thanks Heleen. I know this is a place of honesty. One of my idols is gossip sites and although I hate that I feel like a slave to the gossip, I’m also scared that if I give it up- i will be bored, boring and uninformed. The truth of not just wearing Christianity scares me

  9. Hi Joy

    No, didn’t end yet:) but we are all out of time. You ask many very important questions that I would love to answer. It seems like you and I have a lot to talk about, but unfortunately I can not answer all of those here simply because of time:) Let’s talk some more off line tomorrow:)

  10. Okay it’s past 9pm on my clock and I have to say goodnite ladies! Those of you in central or eastern time zones must be super tired now!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYONE WHO JOINED IN HERE!! It was so awesome chatting with you!

    Please join us tomorrow morning on the MEMBERS FORUM if you’re a member. I have already put up the discussion page, so you can even go write there now if you still have energy left:)


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