ONE “SOBER” DAY can turn things around

Are you familiar with the AA saying of “one day at a time”? There is a lot of wisdom packed into those few words.

The truth is undeniable: TODAY IS ALL WE HAVE. TODAY WILL SHAPE OUR TOMORROW AND AS A RESULT, OUR FUTURE. But let’s face it, dealing with TODAY is not easy. It’s easier to spend planning today and shopping for that “perfect plan” or “perfect diet” than to CHANGE TODAY.

So that said, let me get to the more important matter of “HOW ??????? How do you change TODAY?”

Let’s first of all look at your today:

  • Are you thinking about how and where you can get your hands on diet pills (even some “natural” pills?)
  • Are you desperately looking online for a new diet that WORKS?
  • Are you watching hours of TV while crying and eating at the same time to not think about this anymore?
  • Are you wondering again if God cares and if you’ll ever be free?
  • Are you binging and hiding in your house again, afraid that people will see how much weight you’ve gained?
  • Are you finding yourself in a cycle of binging, purging, and hating yourself again?
  • Are you afraid to write on the forum or email me because you feel like you’ve failed yourself and me again?


There are so many ladies from around the world, some of them living around you, that feel the same. Some of the brave ones write to me or on the forum, but most of them are hiding, too ashamed to show their faces, let alone live their lives.

But don’t give up yet, there are also many ladies living around you who have had ONE SOBER DAY! These girls are coming out of hiding. Even after one day, they feel as if they can breathe again. They are laughing again. They stopped fighting with their husbands. They can tend to their children again. They’ve rearranged their closets and gave themselves a pedicure. They have gone back to church. They are spending time with God and friends, and they feel HOPE for the first time in decades…


What is a “sober” day?
It’s not rocket science really. It most certainly has nothing to do with complicated diets and hours of planning. It’s simply a day where you eat enough food every time you’re hungry, but only food that you will NEVER dream of binging on. If you have 21 of those days stacked on top of each other, your body will not be craving the binge food (usually food high in sugar, fat and white flour) and your need to binge will have diminished.

How do you have ONE SOBER DAY?

Call out to Jesus! There’s no other way! You can’t do it on your own! Without God’s help, it’s just another diet, and another failed attempt to control your weight. But when He helps you, YOU KNOW IT’S A MIRACLE!! You know it has nothing to do with some “magic diet,” and you are not afraid that it might not last… because it’s not up to you anyway.

I know I make it sound so easy but it’s not. However, when I feel sorry for myself for having to deal with this struggle, I remember all the other “addicts” out there. Why do alcoholics, drug addicts and even people addicted to pornography get the message so much clearer? – I CAN’T CHANGE MYSELF; I NEED JESUS.
Many people have to cry out to God to help them not take another drink or smoke another cigarette, surely I can cry out for the Holy Spirit’s help to not open that first bag of chips that will send me into a mindless spiral of binging.


  • Start believing today for that FIRST SOBER DAY!
  • Start calling out to God for that FIRST SOBER DAY!
  • Wake up every morning and expect that FIRST SOBER DAY!

God doesn’t love me, or any addict who found freedom, more than He loves you! He wants to set you free.

Your sister in the struggle and the faith




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11 thoughts on “ONE “SOBER” DAY can turn things around”

  1. I love you Heleen! This is great! No shame, no condemnation, just encouragement to keep us moving forward. YOU ARE AWESOME!
    Thank You Jesus for giving us Heleen!

  2. I can do nothing but cry after reading this post. I have struggled so long with this sin. The last few days the guilt and shame and hate towards myself have been almost unbearable!
    I had one day of victory only because I was so busy with my daughter that I didn\’t get home to \"binge\". It felt so GOOD! but of course I fell right back the next day. Almost like I can\’t eat anymore…at anytime.
    I won\’t give up. I AM going to beat this with the Lord and your help. I could listen and read your info. daily. I appreciate what you are doing and really really want to become somebody.


  3. Thank you so much for these encouraging and hopeful words. I have been bingeing everyday this week which is the worst its been so far and it is really starting to scare me that I am trapped in this sin. I prayed and called out to the Lord this morning and even though I still binged today, I do not hate myself as much because I started my day with my Father. And finding this website is one more encouragement that I am so thankful for. So hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

  4. I AM READY for my first sober day after reading this. I declare tomorrow July 21, 2011 to be my first day of “sobriety.” I will continually call out to Christ all day and read my note-card with scripture. I am READY TO FIGHT!!! I am prepared to go into this battle tomorrow and come out victorious because I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS ANY MORE! It’s either going to kill me or I’m going to kill it. I’M READY TO DO THIS!

  5. Great message, it is amazing how one sober day can make all the difference in the world. It is like finding a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

    Thanks for sharing your insight with us Heleen.

  6. LOOOVE this message and so thankful for you and your ministry Heleen! Past my second week using the tool of TSFL, the old wall of defense and pride is cracking and I am getting this sober thing you’ve been trying to tell me. I answered no, yes, yes, yes, yes, no and yes to your questions, dear Lord I AM and addict! But praise God I am free today on this another sober day feeling an amazing feeling of hope for freedom in the very near future, armed with my scripture cards!!! Jesus’ sweetest blessings to you Heleen 🙂

  7. I have been struggling this evening with craving food. I have been trying to get off sugarless gum and diet coke because I think that it is causing these intense cravings lately. I am having a hard time giving it up so just need to throw all of it away. I have been struggling with this disorder for over 40 years. I feel that I have made progress but it seems like I take two steps forward and one step backward. I just want to live a normal life and not be so focused on food and recovery. Any ideas on how to recover without focusing so much on recovery and food? Just need some ideas and encouragement right now.


  8. Great thing to read this morning! Julie…. I loved what you wrote and yout transparency. I feel the same. I keep thinking if I can just two or three days under my belt with no binging asd purging that I can go on from there. Praying that after the day I had yesterday, that TODAY will be my first day of sober with a lifetime to follow.

    Julie, are you on facebook? Would love to friend you so that we could encourage each other…. if so, can you post here??

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